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Working trip toTuimekentsky rural district of Baizaksy district, Zhambyl region

September 17, 2014Chairman of the Migration Committee ofthe Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of RKAmanbayevS.Y. and the Head of the Ethnic MigrationRegulation DepartmentToksambayevМ.Y. visited theTuimekentskyrural district of Baizakovsky district, Zhambyl region.

      Purpose of this visit is toexplain the applied measures on social supportof repatriates, their employment and advantages within the Business Roadmap -2020 programfor repatriatesand ethnic Kazakhs, and public awareness efforts with repatriates on implementation measuresof the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan,dated December 10, 2013,On changes and additions to some regulatory acts of the Republic of Kazakhstanon labor migration issues.

     Representatives of the Migration CommitteeMLSP RKreceived the detailedexplanations on implementation mechanisms of each of the Business Roadmap – 2020 program directions, and on most importantaspects ofethnic Kazakh repatriation policy improvement.

            Main direction of state policy onrepatriates immigration issues (providing housing and employment) is implemented within the Business Roadmap – 2020 program  (providing the subsidies for the move; providing the standard rental housing with further purchase; taking the course of professional training and employment assistance at the new place of living; psychological adaptation).

           Concluding the meeting, representatives of the central apparatus addressed to the local authorities to support further successful implementation of Business Roadmap – 2020 program.

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