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Information about participants of the program "Road map of employment 2020"

Syzdykov Azamat Fazyluly

            In the framework of the program "Road map of employment 2020" by the second direction "Stimulation of entrepreneurship initiative" in Employment center of population of the Aksu town" for receipt of microloan for purposes of opening of the own enterprise and organization of job development consulted unemployed resident of village Paramonovka Dostyk  Syzdykov Azamat Fazylovich.

            Syzdykov S.F. was focused on training of bases of entrepreneurship, successfully protected his business project and received certificate. In 2015 received a credit of 2,0 million tenge, for breeding of horses on distilling pasture with the subsequent sale of meat and kumys in the markets of Aksu and Pavlodar towns. He acquired 7 horses to received monetary funds and created two additional work places.

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