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Implementation of Disease Management Program in Kazakhstan will reduce the number of complications of disease and mortality by 10%

Implementation of Disease Management Program in Kazakhstan will reduce the number of complications of disease and mortality by 10%

About it said the acting General Director of the Republican Center for Healthcare Development Tleukhan Abildayev today at briefing of MHSD of RK dedicated to the implementation of Disease Management Program (further - DMP).
At the beginning of his speech, he noted that according to the world statistics, chronic non-communicable diseases pose a serious threat to public health around the world, including for citizens of Kazakhstan. They are an important cause of premature mortality and as also result of disability, significantly affect to the duration of full life.
To minimize these risks in more than 30 countries introduced DMP, which is based on proactive and systematic approach to rendering medical assistance.
In Kazakhstan, the implementation of DMP began in 2013 in 7 clinics of North Kazakhstan and Pavlodar oblasts on the three diseases: артериальная гипертензия, хроническая сердечная недостаточность и сахарный диабет.

arterial hypertension, chronic heart failure and sugar diabetes.
With 1213 participants of DMP concluded agreements, issued diaries of self-control that patients lead. According to the agreement, medical organizations are create a multi-disciplinary team, which, being in constant contact with the patient-participant of DMP, provide a dynamic monitoring of the patient.
At the clinics of school health, where patients are taught to the principles for the provision of self-help, to the right attitude to their own health, provide by informational material for self-education and healthy lifestyle.
Informed patient keeps a diary of self-control, control the factors affecting to his health, thus changing its behavior, increased responsibility for their own health. Thus, the program enables patients together with healthcare professionals to manage their disease and prevent complications. In the result of implementation the pilot project in 75% of patients had stabilized the level indication of arterial pressure, formed skills of its control and regularity of having hypotensive preparations. The number of hospitalization cases of patients with chronic heart deficiency decreased in 2 times. Increased the number of patients surveyed on sugar diabetes (in NKO to 64%, in Pavlodar oblast to 98%). It should be noted 100% coverage by training self-management of all DMP participants.

Considering the positive experience of introducing DMP in pilot regions, in this year its implementation will began in policlinics of Astana, Almaty, WKO, Karaganda and Kostanay oblasts.

«In general its planned to cover more than 3200 people. With introducing the program expected decrease the number of disease complications and mortality by 10%, load on primary medical-sanitary care organization, reducing the need for hospital and emergency medical service", - informed Tleukhan Abildayev.

We remind, the introduction of the Disease Management Program as a component of modernization and priority development of primary medical-sanitary care to improve the quality and increase the life expectancy of patients with chronic diseases is one of the main directions of the state program of healthcare development of the RK for 2016-2019 years "Densaulyk". 

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