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Calendar holidays, memorable dates in the social sphere

February 15

Day of celebration of Kazakhstan people, performing military duty on the territory of other States

April 26

Day of celebration of Kazakhstan, participated in liquidation of consequences of Chernobyl accident, other man-made and environmental disasters

April 28

International day of labour protection

May 7

Day of defender of the Fatherland

May 9

Victory Day

May 15

International day of families

May 31

Day of memory of victims of political repressions and famine

June 1

Children's Protection Day

August 29

Day of closing the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site

2nd Sunday of September

Family Day

The last Sunday of September

Labor Day

October 1

International Day of older persons and invalids day

October 2

International Day of the social teacher

2nd Sunday of October

Day of invalids in the Republic of Kazakhstan

October 17

International Day for the eradication of poverty

The last Sunday of October

Day of workers of social protection system

October 1

International day of invalids

December 19

The international day of helping the poor


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