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The results for the 1st half of 2017 for the implementation of 84 and 90 steps

84 step. Optimization of social assistance through the strengthening of its targeted nature.

84 in the implementation step of the Plan "100 steps" from January 1, 2018, provides for the reform of social assistance through the introduction of targeted social assistance (hereinafter – TSA) new format.

TSA new format will be implemented by converting her existing three types of payments for the poor (TSA, state child allowance for children up to 18 years, special state allowances for families with many children) and will be provided to families with per capita income below 50% of the subsistence allowance subject to the conclusion of the social contract of activation of the family and the mandatory participation of all able-bodied family members in employment promotion measures.

These measures will contribute to increasing work motivation, and enhance the economic independence of the beneficiaries.

In turn, targeted social assistance, the new format will be classified into 2 types: unconditional and conditional cash assistance.

Unconditional cash assistance will be provided to those families in which no working-age members (e.g., families of disabled or elderly pensioners), or families of able-bodied members of which for objective reasons are unable to participate in measures promoting employment (for example, single mothers with children of preschool age). For these families, mandatory participation in employment measures for benefits is not required.

Conditional cash assistance offers the possibility of additional assistance for able-bodied members of families being in difficult life situation by entering into a social contract.

Norms approach social assistance are being explored in 2014 in the regions of the country in the framework of the project "Orleu".

Over the last three years (2014-2016) of the project "Orleu" there is a positive effect, in part:

1) in General, reduce the "passive" recipients of TSA from 56.1 thousand to 29 thousand people;

2) increase the number of participants of the project "Orleu"

3) among the participants of the project "Orleu" of a growth in the involvement of unemployed and self-employed persons from 5.1 thousand to 8.7 thousand people, of which only in 2016 attracted 90,5% in active forms of employment assistance.

The average per capita income of the project participants (in 2016) increased more than 2.8 times, from 5.8 thousand tenge (income to participate in the project) to 16.6 thousand tenge(after project participation).

Background: On July 1, 2017 participants of the project "Orleu" were 107,1 thousand people, up to 5.9 times (was 18.3 per thousand people) compared to the same period last year;

- measures to promote employment were provided 20,9 thousand persons or 88.2 % of the total number of able-bodied participants of the project "Orleu";

- income low-income project participants increased 2.9 times from 6.0 thousand tenge (before the project) to 17.5 thousand tenge (after project participation).

Reduction of recipients of the current TSA (passive recipients) for the same period was 20.4 %.

To implement the project in 2017, the national budget provided funds in the amount of 7.1 billion for the involvement of no less than 150 thousand low-income citizens from all districts and cities of the country.

Thus, the introduction of the new TSA format will enhance the social responsibility of recipients of social assistance, strengthening their motivation to find work and self-sufficiency, and to increase participation of poor people in the economy and in society. Ultimately, this has a positive impact on the quality of life of low-income citizens.

New approaches are reflected in the adopted in 2015 the Law "On amendments and additions to some legislative acts on issues of social protection of the population".

Today the Ministry in the implementation of the Law adopted a number of legal acts detailing the procedure for providing targeted social assistance to the new format.

90 step. Information support and promotion of the 5 institutional reforms.

For the preparation of the population to the introduction of new approaches TSA adopted and implemented the media plan of MLSPP, schedules visits to the regions to explain the regulations on the implementation of the new TSA format.

Employees of the Ministry conducted training activities. Training workshops will continue. During the year it is planned to provide training for over 500 employees of local Executive bodies.

In the first half of the staff of the Ministry has already carried out training of specialists of local Executive bodies of Akmola, North Kazakhstan, Kostanay, Karaganda regions and Astana city.

In addition, in may this year in Akmola region in Borovoe with the support of the world Bank with the participation of representatives of local Executive bodies was held the Republican seminar on the implementation of the project "Orleu".

Along with this, local Executive bodies in the framework of outreach work is carried out podborovye rounds of the families and created mobile groups.

In this regard, each region has developed and adopted a Regional plan for implementation of the new TSA format, in which since April 3, 2017 the specialists of local Executive bodies conducted explanatory work on the new TSA format by potvorovykh rounds of large families with four or more children.

For conducting crawls is created 1955 election commissions comprising 3 to 10 employees (government offices, employment centers, departments of coordination of employment and social programs of healthcare, education, economy and Finance, local police, etc.).

In addition, under the chairmanship of Deputy governors in each district organized the mobile service with the participation of all interested state bodies and organizations.

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