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About held in Akmola region the work on the implementation of measures dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Competition on social responsibility of business "Paryz" and festive events dedicated to the Day of Labor

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Republican contest on social responsibility of business «Paryz» (established by presidential decree of January 23, 2008 in Zhezkazgan forum in order to promote the principles of corporate social responsibility by subjects of private entrepreneurship and the implementation in Kazakhstan of the best experiences).

For the period from 2008 to 2016 our region in the competition «Paryz» was represented by 264 enterprises from all regions.

The titles of the laureates of the competition over this period was awarded to 13 members businesses: PC «Azhdar and K» LLP and «Sochi» (Atbasar district in 2008 and 2012.), LLP «Ekaterniburg» (Burabai), the LLP «Agrofirma «Rodina» (Tselinograd in 2009 and 2012.) LLP «Semizbay-U» in 2011 and 2016) and LLP «KOKSHE-Cement» (Enbekshilder), LLP «Zarechny» (Pavlodar) LLP «Stepnogorsk mining and chemical combine» (Stepnogorsk), JSC «Kokshe-printing» and JSC «Tynys» (Kokshetau) the nominations: «Best socially responsible enterprise», «Best collective agreement», «For contribution to ecology».

Pursuant to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 523 dated 23 January 2008 «About competition on social responsibility of business «Paryz» in the field of purposeful work on attraction of subjects of private entrepreneurship in its part.

May 2 this year in the briefing by the Ministry of labor and social protection of population of RK, with participation of laureates of «Paryz» and «Yenbek Zholy» from our region took part the winners of past years: heads of the enterprises of LLP «Semizbay-U» LLP «Agrofirma «Rodina», where was the start of acceptance of applications for participation in the competition «Paryz» and «Enbek Zholy» as well as the events dedicated to the celebration of Labor Day.

Since the announcement of competition, the region sent letters to the Deputy governors in charge of the social sphere, to the heads of district (city) departments of employment of the revitalization of private business entities for their participation in the announced competition;

- developed and approved the action Plan for the organization of the competition, which is aimed for execution of the regional structures, akimats of regions and cities.

 parties of social partnership shaped the expert working group for the evaluation of contest participants, according to the criteria characterizing the capabilities and performance of the contenders of the competition and approved by the Chairman of the Commission;

- employment agencies together with departments of the chamber of entrepreneurs, industry and business, agriculture, awareness-raising activities for the organization of the Competition among industrial enterprises and large agricultural enterprises;

- in the city and district mass media and periodicals published content with ads on the beginning of the competition «Paryz»-2017: (reference: Akkol area (in Newspapers- «Akkol Omiri» and «the banner of the homeland»), Astrakhan (in the newspaper «Mayak»- the article «Join and win»), Bulandy («Bulandy akparat» «Paryz-2017»), Burabay (in the regional newspaper «Ray» and «Burabai»), Ereimentau (in the newspaper «Ereimentau - «Eraman»), Zharkain («Garain tynysy» and «Virgin time»), Zerenda (in the newspaper «Bean»), Sandyktau (in the newspaper «Sandyktau region» published an article «the Contest «Paryz», Shortandy ( in the district Newspapers «Vesti» and «Orleu»), Yesil (in the newspaper «Zhana Esil region»), Stepnogorsk («Astana Akshamy» and «Evening Stepnogorsk»), etc.

On sites of akims of districts of the posted materials about the contest (Akkol, Astrakhan, Bulandy, ereymentau, Zharkain).

- in may this year at a meeting of the regional Commission on social partnership and regulation of social and labor relations discussed the question of the organization of the Contest;

- protocol instructions embodied executing actions identified in the concept of the events of the Republican Forum «Toward Universal Labor Society» in celebration of labor Day and the ceremony of awarding the winners of Competition on social responsibility of business «Paryz».

The question of participation in competition of representatives of the business structures considered at the meetings of the regional commissions for social partnership and regulation of social and labor relations (Kokshetau city, Esil district) and planned the Governor's office for consideration during the Commission's meeting in conferencing mode with the regions of the region in the month of September of the current year.

In the result, the applications for participation in competition were submitted by 14 employers from 10 regions region 4 nominations:

- in the nomination «Best socially responsible enterprise» - companies 5 ( 4 small,1 - medium): LLP «Arіp Agro» (Atbasar district), LLP «Pishchepromtorg» (Zharkain). The Agency «Khanshaim» - IE  Zhanakhmetova  (Akkol), CF «Bake» (Ereimentau), LLP «Altyn Bidai-2020» (Burabay);

- in the nomination «For contribution to ecology» - 7 companies (including 2 - large, 3-medium, 2 - small): «LLP «Kokshe Cement» (Enbekshilder R-n), LLP «JV SKZ Kazatomprom» (Stepnogorsk), LLP «Kokshetau-TRANS-GAZ» (Kokshetau), LLP «RG Gold» (Burabay); «LLP Shantobe-Energokompleks»(Sandyktau); IE Cherepnov (Burabay); LLP «HHP «Arna» (Bulandy);

- in the nomination «the Best enterprise in the field of labor protection» - 1 enterprise (secondary): «ENKI» LLP (Kokshetau);

- in the nomination «Best collective agreement» - 1 enterprise (large): LLP «Kokshetau Zholdary» (Kokshetau).

Work in the regions to attract employers to participate in the competition continues.

Competition «Enbek Zholy»

This competition contributes to the status of the working Man in society and stimulation of productivity under the auspices of the «Society of Universal Labor».

The contest determines the best labor dynasties and production workers, with the purpose of educating youth in the spirit of respect for work, the conservation and enhancement of labor traditions.

At the regional level, the Plan of measures on carrying out of labor Day;

-prepared and sent letters to the Governor's offices of districts (cities) on the need for the organization of festive events to celebrate labor Day and conduct outreach to promote the idea of «Society of Universal Labor» and the increase of prestige of working and engineering professions;

- prepared and sent letters to the management of Akmola region to hold events on labor Day and provide candidates for participation in regional competition «Enbek Zholy»;

- sent letters to companies and organizations about the necessity of honoring and promoting veterans of labor, advanced production, young professionals for achieving the highest results in the workplace.

- letter to the state labor inspectors of districts (cities) for holding of seminars, round tables on Day labor in the enterprises of the region and coverage in the media;

- on the website of the Department of labor inspection provides information on carrying out Day of work and competition «Enbek Zholy»;

 -in the regional newspaper «Akmolinskaya Pravda» published an article «labor Day».

In the region submitted 13 applications from 8 companies to participate in the contest «Enbek Zholy».

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