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About 60 thousand people over 50 years are employed under the state program "Enbek" in Kazakhstan


State program for productive employment and mass of enterprise "Enbek" for the years 2017-2021 is successfully implemented in Kazakhstan. Within the framework of the program, young people can get the first working profession free of charge. It is also possible to learn popular professions and skills. About 80 thousand people took advantage of this opportunity last year.

In general, 628 thousand people became participants of the state program "Enbek" in 2018, including unemployed – 509 thousand people and self-employed – 119 thousand people.

Also, along with young people, people over fifty years before reaching retirement age have the priority right to receive measures of state support from the unemployed and certain categories of employed persons. 

In 2018, the Program was attended by more than 74 thousand people over 50 years, of which about 57 thousand people were employed.

About 6 thousand people over 50 years are directed to short-term training courses, and 1.2 thousand people are covered by training in the basics of entrepreneurship.

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