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More than 144 billion KZT was allocated to increase the salaries of civil servants from June 1, 2019

increase salary

In accordance with the instructions of the First President - Elbasy and the Head of state, the salaries of low-paid employees of the public sector have been increased since June 1 this year.

The increase in salary affected workers from 1 to 8 categories, employees of support (technical), administrative and basic personnel, as well as some employees of management personnel. Salaries of these workers are increased differentially depending on the length of service.

For these purposes, 144.3 billion KZT is provided from the national budget for 2019.

For example, the salary of a social worker of the highest category with higher education and work experience 2 years before June 1 was 81 830 KZT. Since June 1, 2019 - 98 961 KZT. Thus, the growth in wages amounted to 17 130 KZT or 21%.

As a second example, consider the increase in the salary of a teacher with secondary special education without a category with 5 years of experience. So, if before June 1 it was 58,984 KZT, from June 1, 2019 it is 76,114 KZT, where the growth in wages is 17,130 KZT or 29%.

The increase in salary will affect 1.1 million civil servants engaged in health care, education, social protection, culture, sports, agriculture and others.

Changed on 15 June, 2019 - 12:35
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