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Unified search system "Work without limits" (within the framework of the digital initiative to create the Eurasian electronic labor exchange)

As part of the further study by the member States of the Eurasian economic union together with the Eurasian economic commission (hereinafter – the EAEU, the Commission) of Kazakhstan's initiative to create the Eurasian electronic labor exchange, in parallel with the research work on the topic: "Development of a model of the digital ecosystem for employment provision and employment of citizens of states – members of the Eurasian economic union" (Commission Council Order No. 2 dated January 18, 2019), preparatory work is underway to initiate a pilot project "Unified search system "Work without limits" to ensure technical cooperation and access to databases of vacancies and summaries of the EAEU member states (hereinafter – the pilot project).

The main objective of the pilot project is to expand the possibilities of finding jobs for citizens of the EAEU member states and for employers for hiring staff.

As part of the pilot project, it is planned to create unified functional and technical requirements, on the basis of which a standard software will be developed on the principle of "aggregator" (an electronic platform that will combine data from several information resources) for the interaction of information systems of the EAEU member states in the field of employment and employment of citizens.

Within the framework of this pilot project, users (applicants and employers) will be given the opportunity to select one or more EAEU member states on the territory of which it is required to carry out job search or recruitment, to form a universal search query to the information resource of one or more EAEU member states, and to obtain information contained in these resources and the possibility of interactive interaction, etc.

Regular meetings of expert platforms, with the participation of authorized representatives of member states and the Commission on the project "Work without limits", were held on May 24 and June 26 this year. 

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