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ASA really helps to start a new life - a resident of Pavlodar region


A large family of Serik Zhadiger who moved from Arys of Turkestan region to the village Maikonyr of Pavlodar region, immensely grateful for the support rendered from the state. Immigrants, having received addressed social assistance (hereinafter - ASA) and other payments, were able to start a new, comfortable life.

The head of a large family Serik Zhadiger took the decision to move to one of the northern regions of the country in 2017. The reason for that was his daughter, a pupil of a 5 grade Asemai Karim who is disabled since childhood and has suffered 5 complex operations. The girl acutely needed in a change of climate conditions.

"We have six children. In April this year, we were assigned addressed social assistance in the amount of 1 million 567 thousand 200 tenge, monthly we receive 130 thousand 600 tenge. We also received assistance for the development of personal subsidiary farm in the amount of 176 thousand 750 tenge. We used the money to buy a cow. Now we do not buy dairy products in the store – everything is homemade. We also installed a set-top box "Otau TV". Of course, we miss home, but here we really like," Serik's wife Marzhan Nalibayeva says.

According to the decision of the Irtysh district maslikhat, a large family received a one-time social payment for the preparation of 4 children for school in the amount of 50 thousand 500 tenge.

"Serik Zhadiger is provided by a permanent job. Now he works as a driver of  "Akim's apparatus Maikonyr v.". His wife Marzhan Nalibayeva was also employed as technical worker in Maikonyr village club", – the Deputy of Management of coordination of employment and social programs of Pavlodar region Gulnar Kamalova said.

In addition, in terms of the second direction of the Development program of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship "Enbek" Serik Zhadiger was assisted in getting microloan in the amount of 1 million 500 thousand tenge for breeding small cattle. He bought 50 sheep for his personal subsidiary farm with this money.

"Our family received a real help in the new place, and they helped to prepare children to school, and to got a job. And thanks to the ASA payment, the family's welfare has improved significantly. Now I can safely say that we live well", – Serik Zhadiger shared his opinion.

According to Kamalova, to date, for a total 59 families get ASA in the region in the total amount of 19 million 200 thousand tenge, of which 42 families – 100 MCI each, in the amount of 10 million 600 thousand tenge, 17 families – 200 MCI each, in the amount of 8 million 600 thousand tenge.

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