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Information on the implementation of measures to improve the indicators of the global competitiveness index of the world economic forum for 2018-2019

REFERENCE on social and labor sphere issues

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On the results of sociological monitoring of the socio-political situation and the attitude of the population towards state policy in the supervised industries [1]

The Ministry of labor and social protection of population of the Republic of Kazakhstan



Socio-labor sphere:

the results of the 2016 and 5 months of 2017,

the challenges ahead


I. Strategic direction.

Ensuring the social protection of the population

Goal 1.1: the Provision of social security services

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Information for monitoring the socio-economic situation in the country

Socio-labor sphere

Social security and social insurance.

Currently, the country has a multilevel model of the social security system, largely corresponding to the principles of market economy and providing distribution of responsibility for social security between the state, employers and employees on the basic, compulsory solidarity and voluntary levels.

List of socially important social and economic indices for 2012-2016


Achievements over the years of independence of RK
Combating the worst forms of child labor
Information campaign «Safe work»
Best social projects implemented in Kazakhstan
The Republican contest «Enbekzholy»
Skills and jobs