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Let me briefly outline the areas of work and key tasks that need to be addressed to the working group on the 3rd the direction of "solving social problems".

It should be noted that not all poor or unemployed are potential future radicals, terrorists. But there is a risk that socially vulnerable categories of the population, especially in rural areas in strength may be insufficient access to state-guaranteed services, not sufficiently enlightened, may be involved in radical religious groups or illegal groups.

An important role in the formation of the identity of Kazakhstan as a successful nation plays to promote the idea of Universal Labor Society, voiced by the President in his keynote article in 2012.

In this regard, the implementation of 88 step of the Plan "100 steps" is carried out ideological work to promote the Universal Labor Society, including the complex organizational and informational activities in three key areas:

Dear participants of the briefing!

All the reforms of the sector the last years are inextricably linked with the initiatives of the Leader of the nation. Health is one of the most sensitive indicators of economic development of the country, and expenditure on health care is, first of all, investments that bring economic returns.

Dear Dariga Nursultankyzy !

Dear colleagues!

As you know, on 10 February this year with the participation of heads of State held an extended meeting of the Government, which will assess the current situation, the directions of development of the country in conditions of global instability.

Dear participants of briefing!

Let me present for your attention the information concerning the course of implementing the National plan of measures aimed at strengthening of the family relations, moral and ethical and spiritual and moral values in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2015 - 2020.

Epidemiologic problems related to measles continue to be noted in Kazakhstan. According to results of 9 months of the current year morbidity growth in 9,1 times is noted in the republic.

With taking into account the situation with references after additional immunization in February of 2015, current epidemiological situation with measles and recommendations of the World Health Organization the decision was made to proceed with additional immunization against measles since October 1 of the current year.

Dear members of the Social Council under “Nur Otan” party faction,

Committee on Social and Cultural Development of the Majilis of the Parliament,

deputies, members of the Government!

Let me inform you within a framework of the joint meeting on the attraction of foreign labor force, migration policy formation, its implementation, and improvement with consideration of Kazakhstan labor market situation.

On measures to create a barrier-free environment

In recent years, creation of an accessible environment for people with disabilities is one of the main issues on the agenda at the meetings of various levels. A high level of attention of the institutions involved led to sustained work on creating a barrier-free environment with the involvement of representatives of organizations for people with disabilities at all its stages.

The main areas of this work are:

Dear colleagues!


       1. Modernization of personnel preparation and retraining system


        The implemented industrially - innovative program provides not only the introduction of new technology, but also requires the formation of a new labor generation. In this regard, within the framework of the personnel training and retraining system modernization we implement the Employment Roadmap 2020 and introduce a new national system of qualifications.


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