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Words of never-ending appreciation to the first leader of Kazakhstan

Words of never-ending appreciation to the first leader of Kazakhstan





ASTANA. July 7. KAZINFORM. Yesterday in the Kazakhstanskaya Pravda newspaper a chapter from the book ``Perviy`` (``the first``) by Makhmud Kasymbekov, chief of the Presidential Office was published. Kazinform offers an extract from the book.

Some specialists state that in the century of computer technologies epistolary genre as the culture and technique of deferred communication with use of traditional paper mediums is irreversibly reaching back and will finally sink into oblivion.
It is hard to agree with this statement seeing thousands of letters coming to the President. Neither time, no newspaper space will be enough to recount them.

One of such bright epistolary messages entrancing by the author`s sincerity and care about the common business appears the letter of famous writer Ivan P. Shchegolikhin sent to President Nazarbayev in autumn of 2004. There is no need to narrate Kazakhstanis about Ivan Shchegolikhin, the author of more than ten books warmly met by readers. Several times being elected Parliament deputy Ivan Shchegolikhin won deep respect among citizens and reached the high level of public figures due to his firm civil position, equable character, rare canniness and active political service.

Everybody knows those colossal psychological trials fallen to lot of many when in a flash the largest world power failed and crashed down. The unseen ``decuman wave`` of those historical tempests blew everybody to the four winds of heaven and following one’s own world outlook, civil position, life experience and intuition each one chose the path to follow oneself. However not everyone stood the trial sturdily.

This is the reason why I feel deepest respect towards Ivan Shchegolikhin who showed himself a genuine citizen and patriot of our country. I knew Nursultan Nazarbayev to have respected him for all his fine human qualities. The warmest feelings of Ivan Shchegolikhin towards the head of Kazakhstan can be seen as well in his letter to the President sent 9 November, 2004 on the occasion of the meeting between Nursultan Nazarbayev and representatives of Kazakhstani intelligence 21 October in Almaty.

One more letter to President Nazarbayev especially attracted my attention. This kind letter was sent from an ordinary, silver-haired woman who does not care of political squabbles, the essence of life for whom was care and prayers for wellbeing and happiness of her nation, her children and close people. Evidently the letter was written by one of the grandchildren from the grandmother’s dictation as the handwriting, orthography and punctuation are childish. This, however, gave the letter more naturalness and movingness. 84-year old Bibigaisha Kokenkyzy kindly commends the actions of Nursultan Nazarbayev and wishes him long life, god health and success in his service to the people of Kazakhstan.
Nursultan Nazarbayev was sincerely touched by the letter and wrote immediate reply:

Dear Bibigaisha-apa!
I am thankful to you for your blessing. It is the great desert of such mothers as you whose benevolent aura helps me to serve for the benefit of the nation and country.

The contribution of President Nursultan Nazarbayev into formation and development of Kazakhstan is immense indeed. The empathy and sincere support of the citizens and such ordinary grandmothers is big as well.

The Article from www.inform.kz /08.07.2005 y.

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