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Learning and employment assistance to the self-employed, unemployed, underemployed employees and poor population from 01.01.2013 to 01.02.2013

The first direction is aimed at ensuring sustainable and productive employment through the development of labor potential to promote employment in the community.

Terms of citizen participation in the Program and providing state support will be provided in the Rules of organization and financing of education, promoting self-employment, the unemployed and poor population.

From the text of the Program

Number of persons directed to vocational training, further training and retraining (people) Number of people who completed the training, total (people) are employed:
on permanent job opportunities (people) on social jobs (with partial wage subsidies) on jobs for the passage of youth practice (with full wage subsidies)
1227 0 0 0 0
The total number of employed (people) including:
on existing in a database vacancies (people) on social jobs with wage subsidies (people) practice on youth (people)
Total including after training including the number of completed training in the past year
83 9 0 11 45 18


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