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Increasing labor mobility

This direction provides for measures to enhance labor mobility by facilitating the voluntary relocation citizens of of the Republic of Kazakhstan from localities with low economic potential in the centers of economic growth.

Priority right to participate in the third direction of the Program will be rural youth.

Criteria for determining the localities with low economic potential will be developed by the central competent authorities on agriculture, economic development and trade.

From the text of the Program

Number of planned apartment buildings for construction including: Number of planned participants on the direction of the Program (people)   including resettled: Including the provision individual accommodation Including the provision of apartments in apartment buildings Number of participants who made ​​payments of subsidies for relocation
individual accommodation apartment buildings within the same district from one region to another within the same area, the city of republican status, capital
68 0 0 5666 2253 3413 25 775 2776


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