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General indicators for implementing the program from 01.01.2013 to 12.01.2013

Learning and employment assistance to the self-employed, unemployed, underemployed employees and poor population

Number of persons directed to vocational training, retraining and professional development (people) Number of people who completed training (people) of these: Total employed (people) of these:
employed after training (people) on social jobs (with partial wage subsidies) (persons) on jobs for the passage of youth practice (with full wage subsidies) (people) on existing in the database vacancies (people)
Total of these in the current year the number of completed training in the past year
33578 96 32 8672 1574 592 537 1158

Promote the development of entrepreneurship in rural areas


Development and improvement of

engineering and communication infrastructure (ECI) since the inception of the program (01.07.2011.)

Number of microcredit organizations and / or credit partnerships that have signed contracts for micro-crediting (units) Number of citizens of Programs who have received microcredit since the start of the program (01.07.2011.) of these, the number of citizens who received microcredits in the current year (people) including of which rural entrepreneurs (people) The number of people on projects which provide funds for improvement ECI (people) of them completed projects (units)
the number of citizens trained in the basics of entrepreneurship (people) the number of citizens who have opened their own businesses (people)
1 8042 0 0 0 0 0 0

Increasing labor mobility

Number of planned apartment buildings for construction Number of planned participants on the direction of the Program (people)  including resettled: Including the provision individual accommodation Including the provision of apartments in apartment buildings Number of participants who made ​​payments of subsidies for relocation
within the same district from one region to another within the same area, the city of republican status, capital
199 641 0 0 10 5 0

Development of rural settlements

Total employed of them employed on projects
reconstruction, overhaul and repair of municipal engineering infrastructure (water supply, sewerage systems, gas, heat, electricity) reconstruction, overhaul, medium and maintenance engineering and transport infrastructure (intra and vnutriselskih roads, driveways, roads of regional value, dams and bridges) reconstruction, overhaul and maintenance of social infrastructure (education) reconstruction, overhaul and maintenance of social infrastructure (health) reconstruction, overhaul and maintenance of social infrastructure (social security) reconstruction, overhaul and maintenance of social infrastructure (cultural, sports, leisure and recreation) construction of health clinics and midwifery centers located in rural areas beautification (landscaping and lighting of streets, the demolition of orphan sites, construction of solid waste landfills, small architectural forms, fences, playgrounds)
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


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