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On 18 November 2013, Majilis of Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan witnessed presentation of the draft law “On Trade Unions” and its associated laws

On 18 November 2013, presentation of the draft law “On Trade Unions” and its associated laws took place in the Majilis of Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

During presentation, T.K. Duissenova, Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Population marked that the developed law “On Trade Unions” is aimed at enhancing the role of trade unions in social partnership, preventing social and labor conflicts, protecting labor rights and interests of workers.

Enhancement of legislative base concerning activities of trade unions and regulation of labor relations will promote the creation of conditions to achieve progress in the way to worthy work of employees and improvement of the quality of life of citizens of Kazakhstan.

The basis of the project of law is the model of “strong social partner” represented by trade unions. The law provides to define status, assignment of trade unions in system of social partnership. Requirements to the charter of trade union, their rights and duties are legislatively fixed.

At the present day, the legal basis is created to enhance motivation of trade union membership on all levels of social partnership by:

-determination of priority of trade union to represent interests of workers and to negotiate;

-extension of power of the commissions on social partnership and subject of regulation of agreements according to the levels of regulation of labor relations;

-obligatory association (membership) of trade unions by levels of social partnership.

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