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New logo of Strategy «Kazakhstan - 2050»

A new logotype of Strategy -2050 - quintessence of the unity. It  represents  an idea  of harmony  and unity  by means of allusion  at  such  synonymic subjects of the material world as  cohesion  and community.

First ground for the logotype is  shanyrak, whose reflection we can see in the national emblem. Shanyrak is a symbol of a native sky through the prism of  home warmth. We have one sky, one  common home   Kazakhstan and one   national idea- Strategy -2050.

The word “shanyrak” comes from the word "Shan" - the sun. That is why, probably, it is seen as a symbol of unity of all peoples in a multinational country who live in peace and harmony under the one sky and the sun.

Changed on 12 November, 2014 - 15:54
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