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Results of general republican campaign “Conclude a collective agreement!” for 2013

Conclusion of city and regional collective agreements in the framework of the general republican campaign “Conclude a collective agreement!” continues.

The campaign started in 2008 and each year it involves all regions of the country. This year among the participants East Kazakhstan region entered the rank of three leaders. Over the year 8686 collective agreements, which means that the participants of the campaign were 81% of enterprises in the region.

72.5% or 4,248 agreements - is the result of the Pavlodar region. Almaty region ended the year with the result of 5,913 agreements, representing 65% of the total number of region’s enterprises.

It is known that the campaign “Conclude a collective agreement!” is conducted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan jointly with the Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan and is aimed at the development of a constructive relationship between business, society and the state.

President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the leader of the nation N.A. Nazarbayev has emphasized at the Forum on Social Responsibility: “This campaign has to be nationwide and include as many employers and employees”.

The campaign will also continue in 2014.

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