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Working Trip of Minister of Labor and Social Protection RK in SKR – day 1

February 27, Minister of Labor and Social Protection RK Tamara Duissenova arrived to South-Kazakhstani region with the 2-day visit. Working trip of the Minister took place within the communication work on explaining basic provisions of the Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nazarbayev N.A. to the People of Kazakhstan “Kazakhstan’s way – 2050: Common goal, Common interests, Common future”.

The visit program included: visiting certain social objects, holding the seminar with Akims of rural districts, villages, social protection workers, governmental centers and private recruiting agencies, meetings with civil service workers, young people of the region, and veterans, representatives of public institutions, small and medium business.

Head of State in his Address has appealed to the business society to provide assistance in employing disabled people. In the light of implementation of the Address, work of the Minister in South-Kazakhstani region started from opening the city vacancies fair for the disabled people in Shymkent.

Formal ceremony took place in the premises of the regional art gallery. Followed by the concert program, demonstration of videos with the activity of employers, and possibilities of the “Business roadmap-2020” Program.

Purpose was to assist disabled people in search of work, to obtain the required information about employment possibilities.

There were more than 65 employers participating in the fair, and around 1000 vacancies opened. The fair was arranged in three sections:

First section – employment to the permanent work stations and new working stations;

Second station – temporary working stations followed by employment  (social working stations, youth practice);

Third section – professional studies followed by employment for disabled people (selection was made according to the employers requirements with the guaranteed employment upon the completion of studies).

Within the creation of barrier-free environment for the disabled people, the Minister Tamara Duissenova and Akim of the region Askar Myrzakhmetov made the regional Forum of employers for the employment of disabled people.

This event was visited by more than 130 heads of small and medium business enterprises and around 120 heads of regional akimats, Deputy Akims of the region (cities), heads of employment departments and social programs, employment centers, representatives of Nur Otan, Chamber of Entrepreneurs, disabled public associations and nongovernmental organizations.

During the Forum, employers talked about actions made to support disabled people in the region. Representatives of disabled people also expressed their opinion.

Following the results of the Forum, the “Address of the Forum Participants to all Regional Employers” was adopted encouraging them to active participation in the employment of disabled people, creating special working stations for this category, providing the barrier-free environment.

The next meeting was devoted to the issues of qualitative special services rendered to people occurring in hardship. Participants included the heads of medical and social regional institutions, and nongovernmental organizations, implementing the state social order for special social services.

Minister Duisenova Т.К. noted that the coverage of the service recipients through the republic has increased compared with 2009 by more than 22 % and made up 90.3 thousand people. Thus, facilitating the growth of recipients of services in in-patient medical institutions by 5 %; in the outpatient departments by 2 times; in home care departments - by 19 %. The coverage of services recipients in the nongovernmental sector has increased by 2 times.

For the last three years, the queue for special social services has decreased by 2 times. Relative share of people covered by special social services (of total number requiring services) has reached 95.9 % for 2013.

There are 42 in-patient departments created in the country, covering more than 3 thousand services recipients, as an alternative to existing MSU. 491 disabled children came back from the children psychoneurological MSU.

509 parents with children receiving services in the in-patient departments have got employed. 

The Head of social Department also attracted the attention of the participants to the fact that from this year the Ministry Control and Social Protection Committee has started inspecting the regions for compliance with the Law on special services.

In total, in South-Kazakhstani region, around 8.2 thousand people receive special social services in 7 medical and social institutions, in 4 in-patient departments for disabled people by MSU, in 2 rehabilitation centers for disabled people, in 53 home care departments. Moreover, last year, 4 nongovernmental organizations in South-Kazakhstani region more than 570 residents of the region received services.

Second part of the day was followed by the training seminar with local executive bodies of rural and district level On the new possibilities of “Business roadmap – 2020”, where the direct executors of this strategy received practical advice, recommendation on the innovations introduced.

This year the actions were made to improve the Roadmap mechanisms: 

а) in East-Kazakhstani, North-Kazakhstani and Pavlodar regions, to test professional guidance mechanisms among applicants for the Program. 

б) in Almaty, Akmola, East-Kazakhstani, Kyzylorda, Pavlodar regions, to determine rural settlement, where the complex development mechanisms will be tested in pilot mode. Compared to the previous conditions, when the spot support of citizens in opening their business took place, state support will be focused on developing villages with the high potential for the target efficient employment.

в) new approach to financing the Program is implemented. From the following year, to allocate budget funds as follows: 80 % – on a population basis; 20 % – depending on the results for the passed period. 

Measures are taken to increase the responsibility and competency of the authorized persons. In February-March this year, there will be the third stage of training of rural akims and employment centers workers. Heads of employment departments and social programs, workers of the employment centers of the region will be involved in this training, allowing for the experience exchange between regions, holding practical seminars and surveying of listeners for the knowledge of Roadmap 2020 Program.

In 2013 in South-Kazakhstani region within the Business roadmap-2020 social contracts were signed with 34.4 thousand people. Due to the development of infrastructure and housing and utilities, 1.8 thousand participants were employed. 2.7 thousand people received the training on basic entrepreneurship, 1.3 thousand participants received microcredits, resulting in additional 1.7 thousand of new working stations. Professional studies covered 10,426 people, employment among those who completed training, exceeded 99%.

As of the end of 2013, the unemployment level decreased and made up 5.5% against 5.6% in 2012.

In the end of the first day of the trip, the Minister met with private employment agencies, nongovernmental organizations and young people of the region. Participants also included the heads of social protection services of districts and cities, and directors of employment centers.Before the meeting, Minister Duissenova T. learned about the work of Regional Centers for Entrepreneurs, one of the first in the republic, and saw the exhibition of the second direction of the Business roadmap-2020 Program.

Afterwards, Minister Duissenova T. explained the directions of implementation of the Business roadmap-2020 and state support measures, provided by this Program.

Based on the participants of this meeting, the Minister talked about changes in the Program, allowing nongovernmental organizations and private employment agencies to take part in the Business roadmap-2020 Program, as a governmental and social order, providing employment services.

In total, they propose to allocate 100 million Tenge from the republican budget for this purpose, including 17.5 million Tenge in South-Kazakhtsani region.

Minister also noted that “young people employment issues play the special part in implementing the employment policy. Young people are the prioritized category of the participants in the directions of Business roadmap-2020 Program.

Participants exchanged the opinions on the effective implementation of measures within the Business roadmap Program, quality of training programs and role of the employer in obtaining production experience by young specialists, efficient young practice, social working stations, available microcrediting of young people in rural areas, including the barrier to personal self-fulfillment of employable young people.

Participants were interested in involvement in roadmap-2020 Program, interning of young people and possible employment upon its completion, conditions of microcrediting, measures of state support for the enterprises providing working stations for disabled people, obtaining original capital for participating in the “Business roadmap-2020” Program.

The Minister touched upon all questions, with full and comprehensive answers given.

Participants were also presented with the “Work in Kazakhstan” information portal (www.enbek.kz), containing the database with information about employers and job-seekers over the republic.

“Work in Kazakhstan” information portal is a centralized system collecting data about vacancies in local employment agencies, allowing to place the request of the employer and the job-seeker in the portal, and provides information about vacancies at other web resources. Job-seekers have opportunity through the centralized search to select the corresponding vacancy in any region of Kazakhstan, and sending the CV. In total, there are more than 50 thousand vacancies and CVs placed in the “Work in Kazakhstan” information portal.

In the end of presentations, online interviews were arranged by the employers of South-Kazakhstani (Individual Entrepreneurship Berik, Veterinary Service of Saryagash district, Rehabilitation Center Aksu Zhabagly LLP) and other regions with the applicants for vacant positions. 

Moreover, electronic services were demonstrated: unemployed registration and assigning the maternity benefits.

These projects are included in the business process optimization and focused on decreasing the number of documents, required for receiving services.

Advantage of this project is that the citizen can receive this state service, through the Electronic Government (e.gov.kz) with available electronic digital signature, or by addressing to the local SCPP (State Center of Pension Payment), or Public Service Center, and to receive the qualitative service by the rapid request to the state information systems.

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