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Working Trip of Minister of Labor and Social Protection RK in SKR – day 2

February 27, Minister of Labor and Social Protection RK Tamara Duissenova arrived to South-Kazakhstani region with the 2-day visit. Working trip of the Minister took place within the communication work on explaining basic provisions of the Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nazarbayev N.A. to the People of Kazakhstan “Kazakhstan’s way – 2050: Common goal, Common interests, Common future”.

February 28, 2014, following the 2-day visit, the Minister of Labor and Social Protection RK Dyussenova Т.К. met with workers in education, health, culture and sport, regional social protection to discuss the new model of civil workers labor compensation, in the regional Nur Otan office.

According to the Ministry of Labor Tamara Duissenova, ”key task in labor relations will be to fulfill the task of the Head of State in transition to the new model of civil workers labor compensation.”

The new model of civil workers labor compensation was presented to the meeting participants, full answers were provided to the workers of different areas.

From July 1, 2015, the new model will be introduced, based on the determined dependence of labor compensation on education, skills, complexity and responsibility level of work done.

The following was proposed:

- to introduce the deployment of active posts depending on the specified criteria by four categories: management, basic staff, administrative staff and technical staff;

- to differentiate the coefficient grid used to calculate the post salary, by certain categories;

- to systemize the system of bonuses, divided into compensating and stimulating ones.

Such model will restore the meaning of main wage/salary, ensure its dependence on final results of activity, and promote the career and professional growth.

Increase of salaries from July 1, 2015 will cover more than 1 million of civil workers, including 182 thousand workers living in South-Kazakhstani region.

Moreover, Duisenova Т.К. also explained setting of extra 10 % pay to the civil workers salary from April 1, this year, authorized by the Head of State at the enlarged session of RK Government dated February 14, this year.

Then the Head of Ministry meat with the war and labor veterans, living in the region. More than 60 veterans of South-Kazakhstani districts and cities came to the regional center to meet with the Minister of Labor Duisenova Т.К.

During the meeting, Minister Duisenova Т. spoke about basic provisions of the Address of the Head of State to the People of Kazakhstan, about implementation of the tasks of the President on increasing the pensions and social benefits from April 1 by 14 and 12 % accordingly, about modernizing the pension reform and other topical issues that the veterans are interested in.

In their respond, the veterans told about work made in the region to support veterans, and about the planned celebrations to the 70-th anniversary since the Victory in World War II 1941-1945.

Veterans expressed gratitude to the Head of Ministry Duisenova Т. For the meeting and wished success to the Ministry in implementing the tasks set by the Head of State, Nation’s Leader Nazarbayev N.A..

Around 580 thousand participants of the World War II, more than 5 thousand people equaling to them, more than 29 thousand of homefront workers live in South-Kazakhstani region.

In the end of 2-day working trip for explaining the basic provision of the Address of the President, Minister of Labor and Social Protection of RK accepted citizens with personal questions in the local branch of Community Office of PDP Nur Otan. Tamara Duissenova had a private conversation with every resident of South-Kazakhstani region who came to see her.

11 people addressed to the Minister’s office. Most frequent questions related to the assisting in employment, determining the disabled group, supporting nongovernmental organizations in social projects. Pensioner Kubeyeva Kenzhegul Myrzakyzy from Tulkubass district SKR had the issue concerning maternity benefit. As a caretaker of twins, the woman faced difficulties in obtaining benefit for one of children. Disabled person of group II Kokakov Smail Yerkinbekuly from Kyzygurt village addressed for help in prosthesis care. Problems of disabled people were addressed also by Toropov Vadim Aleksandrovich – Chairman of the Disabled Association in Shymkent. Minister of Labor and Social Protection of RK provided the clear and complete responses to the questions of all those who addressed. Moreover, any assistance will be provided to solve them.

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