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In Northen Kazakhstan region Minister Duissenova has held a training workshop with local executive bodies of village and region level «On new opportunities of “Employment roadmap-2020”

According to the program of the visit of the Minister of Labor, training workshop was conducted with local executive agencies of village and region level «On new opportunities of “Employment roadmap-2020”, at which the direct implementers of the strategy received practical advices, consultations on the introduced innovations.

This year, the measures were taken to improve the mechanisms for Employment roadmap:

a) in the Eastern Kazakhstan, Northern Kazakhstan and Pavlodar regions the mechanisms for introducing of career guidance for the applicants for the participation in the Program will be tested.

b) in Almaty, Akmola, Eastern Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda, Pavlodar regions rural settlements will be defined, where the mechanisms for the integrated development of the supporting villages will be tested in pilot mode. In contrast to the previously existed conditions, when the isolated support was done for citizens in the opening of their own business, government support will be focused on the development of villages with a high potential for the provision of citizen with target productive employment.

c) a new approach for the funding of the Program is introduced. Starting next year, budgetary funds will be distributed as follows: 80% - in proportion to the population; 20% - depending on the results of work for the past period.

Measures are being taken to improve the responsibility and competence of officials. In February and March of current year, the third stage of training of akims of rural districts and employees of employment centers is completed. Heads of employment agencies and social programs, employees of employment centers of a number of regions were involved in learning, which allows organizing the sharing of experience between regions, conduct practical workshops and surveys of attendees, on the knowledge of Employment roadmap.

             Not a single question of akims of rural districts and social protection workers went unnoticed by the Minister, all of them received full and comprehensive answers.

Information portal «Working in Kazakhstan» ( was also presented to the participants of the meeting, which shows the database with the information on the employers and job seekers across the country.

Information portal «Working in Kazakhstan» is a centralized system for collecting data on job vacancies in local employment institutions, allowing you to place a request of the employer and the applicant at the portal itself, as well as, containing the information about job openings on other web resources. Applicants are given the opportunity to select a suitable position in any region of Kazakhstan through a centralized search and submit their resume. In total, over 50 thousand vacancies of employers and resumes of applicants are placed on the information portal «Working in Kazakhstan».

In the end of the presentation the interviews conducted by the employers of Northern Kazakhstan region with the applicants for vacant positions were organized in online mode.

FOR REFERENCE: For the period of the implementation of the Program of employment and Employment roadmap-2020 (2011-2013) in the Northern Kazakhstan region there were signed social contracts with 10.4 thousand persons. Through the development of infrastructure and housing and communal services employment was provided to 1.8 thousand program participants. The basics of entrepreneurship have been learnt by 700 people, microcredits were given to 663 participants, which created as a result additional 642 new jobs. Vocational training covered more than 2.8 thousand persons, the percentage of employment in people completing the training exceeded 80 percent.

By the results of 4th quarter of 2013, the total unemployment level was 5%, against 5.2% in 2012, the youth unemployment rate (aged 15-28 years) - 5.9%.

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