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2nd International internet-exhibition Internet Avenue 2014, participated by the representatives of MLSPP, took place in Almaty

Internet Avenue 2014

From 24th till the 26th of April at the “Atakent” exhibition complex there was held the 2nd International internet-exhibition Internet Avenue 2014.  In three days 5000 people visited the exhibition.

The event took place in three directions: discussion panels, conference and exhibition, during which Kazakhstani and Russian companies were presented.

On the 24th of April animated discussion panel “Internet to help people with higher demands”, represented by the Ministry of labor and social protection of population of RK, during which projects, designed to develop service sector with the use of IT technologies, were presented.

Aigul Tabergenova, deputy director of the RK Ministry of labor and social protection of population department: “Public organizations, with which we cooperate closely, design good projects, implement good ideas, and we wanted to inform the society that we have public associations that also can work with IT technologies”.

Sergey Makshev, chairman of Kazakhstani republican society of disabled in Afghanistan, presented two projects to discussion participants: “Online sign language translation service” and “Online requests for taxi service for disabled people”.

.The core of work of  “Online sign language translation service” (Syrdo.kz) lies on using of translator services in online mode, which means that a person who needs sign language interpreter’s help visits website on which he is offered a translator who is available at the moment and  ready to come to the rescue. The conversation will be held in videoconference format.

It was pointed out that this service will cover 70-80% of demands of disabled people. All translations will be recorded on video and saved in 3-5 days. Organization of % sign language courses is planned.  Developers noted that at this moment sign language translator service is ready for 90%.

Concerning taxi service for disabled people Sergey Makashev marked that the service is available throughout Kazakhstan, 2009 in Almaty. Taxi service for disabled people considerably simplifies the order for a taxi by disabled people, who use wheelchairs or have accompany. In many cases operators can not answer all the calls because of the circuit overload. With the introduction of this service the orders will be accepted in online mode.

Kairat Esmuratovich Imanaliyev, head of the PA of disabled people with higher education “Namys”, talked about the existing webinars for NGOs of disabled people on different topics: creating family, disabled people organizations participation in the budgetary process, gender, employment, etc.  Webinars allow togather disabled people from different cities of the country for discussion of urgent topics via Internet. Announcements about webinars are planned to be held via email-newsletters and in social networks. Developers have scheduled 8 webinars in which disabled people can participate.

Internet helps to computerize the work of business entities in different directions.

Saule Dyusenova, first deputy director general of Republican state budget-supported enterprise “State centre of pension payment”, commented about innovations: “Since 2010 we have moved to e-prescribing. After the concept of electronic digital signature we made changes. We accept paper variants from an applicant, but at the regional level these paper variants are transferred to electronic mails”. Thus putting electronic signature the Centre employee holds full responsibility for a document. According to Mrs. Dyusenova such system of work considerably accelerates the study of applicant problems.

At this moment Electronic government portal is offering 4 types of services that can be used staying at home. They are basic pension payment appointment, survivors' benefits appointment, single maternity allowance appointment, child care allowance appointment for children aged under 1 year.

 In conclusion to discussion panel Rinat Sambayev, director of call-centre under “State centre on pension payment” introduced the project of free consulting of population on the social and labor issues, which is conducted via sms-messages service. Via shortcode 1411 you can get answers on social questions. Calling to this shortcode is free.

During three exhibition days the booth of the Ministry of labor and social protection of population of RK was working, where explanatory work was being held on main directions of the department work.

Выставка Internet Avenue 2014 поддержали Акимат города Алматы, Российская Ассоциация Электронных коммуникаций, Интернет-Ассоциация Казахстана, BBCG Казахстан, АО НАТР, Национальная палата предпринимателей РК и Торгово-Промышленная Палата РК.  Akimat of Almaty city, Russian Association of Electronic communications, Internet-Association of Kazakhstan, BBCG Kazakhstan, NATD JSC, National chamber of entrepreneurs of RK and Commercial and industrial Chamber of RK supported the Internet Avenue 2014 Exhibition. 

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