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On strengthening of work of the Republican state budget-supported enterprise "State center for pension payment" with regard to advanced notification of pension and benefits recipients

Suspension of payments by RSBSE «State center for pension payment» (hereafter referred to as Center) for pension and benefits recipients whose bank accounts had no activity within three months and more became a reason for recent appeals and complaints from people to mass media.

Every month the Center pays pensions and benefits for an amount of more than 117 billion tenge. It is quite common when payment of benefits/pension is made to accounts of recipients in second-tier banks (hereafter - bank) after they have departed from the country for permanent residence or after they have died. That means that overpayment cases take place when relatives of the dead recipient approach late to judicial bodies in order to register death or in case of absence of notification from the recipient regarding his coming departure from the country.

Therefore such cases when relatives of a recipient died/departed for permanent residence abroad continue receiving pensions/benefits in a bank by attorney or from plastic cards are common. Or, vice versa, amounts of pensions and benefits keep on accumulating on bank accounts because there are no data about citizens’ departure or death.

In order to avoid such cases and based on the Rules for provision of state basic pension payment and state basic social disability allowance, breadwinner loss benefit and age benefits [1], Center divisions quarterly compare lists of pensions and benefits recipients with the lists of citizens provided by the bank whose accounts have not had debit transactions during three months or more. In average every quarter payment is suspended for more than 4 thousand recipients due to their departure from the country or death.

In case if a pension/benefit recipient does not plan to withdraw money but to accumulate it on his bank account, he needs to approach division of the Center to write an application, in the application a reason why money will not be withdrawn needs to be specified (travel to relatives, education of grandchildren, purchase of expensive medicine, treatment travel, etc.) and the date for money withdrawal from the bank account planned. In this case the Center will continue paying pension/benefit and they will be accumulated at recipient’s bank account.

If the Center does not receive any application but the bank provides with information that bank account of pension/benefit recipient has not have any funds activity during three months and more, the employees of the Center must get in contact with recipient in order to find out the reason via phone, notification sent, call to SCPP division, visit of pension/benefit recipient’s place of residence, enquiry of neighbors, etc. before they suspend payments.

When necessary, specialists of Center divisions send requests to clarify data to the Public Service Center to get address note/migration police authorities/medical institutions/pensionary departments of other countries and continue work on searching relatives of the recipient in order to find the reason of non-flow of funds at recipient’s account.

After determining the fact of departure, death of a recipient or silence on his place of residence,  an employer of SCPP prepares an electronic draft resolution with documents entitling suspension of payment attached. 

To enhance work on advance notification of citizens and to prevent reoccurrence of such incidents in future, the Center intends to take measures as follows:

- to suspend payments not from the current month but from the next one after having awaited one month after sending to a recipient a written payment suspension notification;

- to notify pension/benefit recipient about suspension of payments via sms–messages (from 2015) to be sent to those phone numbers that have been specified in payment allocation documents provided to the Center;

- to enhance work on locating recipients after receiving  bank account records with no funds flow for more than 3 months or more.

 [1] p. 40 of the «Rules for provision of state basic pension payment using budgetary funds as well as allocation and making pension payments, state basic social disability allowance, breadwinner loss benefit and age benefits, state special benefits from designated institution» (hereafter – the Rules) dated August 25, 2006 no.819.

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