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A number of people willing to participate in the Program “Employment roadmap-2020” increases in Akmola oblast

The Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of the RK has conducted a media-tour in Akmola oblast in order to familiarize itself with the course of implementation of the “Employment roadmap-2020” Program.

More than twenty republican TV-channels, information agencies and printed media have visited approximately ten facilities in Tselinograd and Arshaly regions of the oblast where each has been opened or is being developed thanks to participation in the Program “Employment roadmap-2020”. 

The first facility visited by journalists was Youth center of Arshaly region under local Culture center. Building of the Youth center is being repaired as a part of the first direction of the Program «REM - 2020» (provision of employment by means of developing infrastructure and housing and community amenities). Total amount allocated was 37,5 mln. tenge. Out of 20 jobs created for this facility 10 are social ones, in which case the most part of human resources involved are people with disability and people released from places of confinement.

Inside and outside repairs of the building and roofs are carried out now. Facility completion deadline is September 15, 2014.  According to the acting director of local employment center Bakhyt Syzdykova, free creative and cultural teams, evening dances will be held there for local youth after repair works are completed.

The next places of media tour program were private enterprise facilities. For example, visit of a carpenter shop «IE Kopp»,  participant of the second direction of the Program «REM – 2020» (creation of jobs by developing entrepreneurship and overarching villages). The main activity of the carpenter shop is fabrication of window and door units, summer houses, rocking chairs and other products made of natural wood.

3 mln. tenge was allocated to the enterprise for modernization of production – procurement of cross-cut saws and cutting machines, miller, exhaust equipment as per the State microcredit Program. Today manufacturing capacity of the shop is 2,8 mln. tenge per year which ensures high level of competitiveness in oblast.

Another enterprise in media-tour program that expanded its production owing to credit policy of the “Employment roadmap-2020” Program was a lemonade shop “IE Ozdoev”. When talking with journalists the head of the enterprise expressed his gratitude to state policy conducted by the government in terms of supporting domestic small and medium business entities.

“Thanks to the Program “ERM-2020” I had an opportunity to branch out. For microcredit obtained in amount of 2 mln. tenge I have purchased РЕТ-bottles blowing equipment and an infrared furnace. It will enable my shop to reach production capacity more than 2,5 mln. tenge per year», - said Murat Ozdoev. Moreover the entrepreneur said about low interest rate, repayment flextime and possibility of microcredit deferment.

One of the perfect examples of successful implementation of the Program “Employment roadmap-2020” was a slaughterhouse “IE Aluai” in Koyandy village of Tselinograd region.

 “Today the government gives an opportunity to each citizen to set up own business, do his own business. All that is proposed to be implemented through participation in state development programs, inclusive of “ERM – 2020”. In my opinion such programs are timely and essential, because thanks to these programs ordinary people can become entrepreneurs and therefore contribute to prosperity of our Kazakhstan», - said the head of the organization and participant of the Program Aluai Bakhyt. Opening of the slaughterhouse and obtaining of credit in amount of 3 mln. tenge enabled creating 6 new working places for local people with salary rate from 40 to 50 thousand tenge.

The last facility visited by mass media representatives in Tselinograd region of Akmola oblast was a kindergarten «Altyn Dan» of Talapker rural district. One of the participants of the third direction of the program works here as a kindergartner from the beginning of the year (promotion of employment by means of training and in-migration within employer’s needs) – Gulderai Baimendinova.

«Due to the fact that for a long time I could not find a job with my specialization, I have higher education in «economist-accountant», I approached an employment center where I was offered to take professional training for proposed professions. And I decided in favor of a kindergartner. After taking three months course I was hired in a kindergarten «Altyn Dan» and I am very happy. I can say that the program «REM - 2020» is a good way for retraining of those who like it», - told Gulderai Baimendinova to journalists.

Akmola oblast has a plenty of such examples. Moreover thanks to “Employment roadmap-2020” new enterprises appear in oblast which, in turn, creates dozens of new jobs. Within 3 years 68 entrepreneurs used loans as a part of the program “Employment roadmap-2020” in Arshaly and Tselinograd. And a number of people willing to take a loan for small business development increases.  

Aina Musralimova, deputy Akim of Arshaly region, has explained that a number of people willing to become participants of the Program increase year by year - «We need extra funding. Today we have applications from 50 citizens. If we multiply it to a sum offered by the project it is equal to approximately 150 mln».

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