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Tamara Duysenova made a report on the topic of the meeting the meeting of Nationwide Coalition of Democratic Forces “Kazakhstan-2050”

The meeting of Nationwide Coalition of Democratic Forces “Kazakhstan-2050” was held in Astana.  The participants discussed the development and improvement of the system of dual technical and vocational education to prepare skilled workers for various sectors of Kazakhstan's economy.

Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan Tamara Duissenova made a report on the topic of the meeting.

The Minister noted that currently the Government is actively working on development of the training system.  Based on best international practices at least two conditions are needed for effective function of the training system - sustained interaction of education and employers and educational orientation to provide practical and popular skills and competencies.

In our country the tasks on the system improvement will be implemented:

- through introduction of professional standards that will request the training from businesses and investors;

- through introduction of elements of the dual training and direct involvement of employers in the educational process.

Tamara Duissenova talked about a system of professional standards in details:  "There are several conceptual approaches to development of professional standards in the world, and we dwelled on on the one that describes what the employee has to do."  In this case, it is necessary to focus on the best practices while completing certain works, and a specific list of skills and knowledge should be defined.   

The Ministry of Labour and branch ministries, business and trade unions will develop professional standards that will be the basis for the development of educational standards, and the Ministry of Education will coordinate this process.

Generally, 5 basic elements of the professional training system will be provided under the applied approaches.

In addition, Tamara Duissenova identified 5 main elements of the professional training system, such as:  system of classification of studies, establishment of the National Qualifications Framework, development of professional standards, development of educational standards and approaches to the dual training system and formation of the system for independent assessment of qualification.

According to the Minister of Labour, the state policy and work of the ministry related to the training coincides with a positive foreign experience, besides the Ministry constantly conducts monitoring of new trends in the effective development and management of the labour market.

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