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PRESS RELEASEto the draft resolutionOf the Government of the Republic of KazakhstanOn changes and additions ofthe Government of the Republic of KazakhstandatedJuly 20, 2005 No. 754 On some issues ofthe disabled rehabilitation

Draft Resolutionprovides theoral-aural adaptation of hearing-impaired children upon thecochlear implantationwithin social rehabilitation in terms ofdaily and (or) full time surveillanceout of the state budget.

Audiology assistanceincludes timelydiscovery, treatment, hearing aid, oral-aural rehabilitation, specialcorrection-pedagogic assistanceto hearing-impaired people.

Hearing aid is renderedconsidering theage peculiaritiesandobligatory studying during their adaptation to the hearing device, includingacquisition of skillson its use andlong-term application.

Since 2007 in Kazakhstan,there are surgeries oncochlear implantation (endoprosthesis replacement);yearly there are more than 100 surgeries of hearing impaired children. However, surgeries not followed by the oral-aural adaptation is not efficient.Oral-aural adaptation following thecochlear implantation facilitates toincreasing thecochlear adaptation efficiency to children, and provides the availability andtargeting of oral-aural adaptationwithin social rehabilitation.

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