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Briefing meeting devoted to the Day of Older Persons was held today in Central communication department

Briefing meeting devoted to the International Day of Older Persons with participation of the Vice-minister of Healthcare and social development of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Svetlana Zhakupova, director of Social care department Arman Umirbayev and the president of non-governmental organization “Ardager” - Bayan Akhmetzhanova was held today in the Central Communication department.

International Day of Older Persons was declared by the UN General Assembly on December 14, 1990. Globally a million people reach the age of 60 every month. According to the UN forecast a number of people of this age and older age will exceed 1.1 billion people by year 2025.

In our republic every tenth citizen is of older age; approximately 1.7 million people of older age are in Kazakhstan. More than 1.2 billion tenge are provided for pension and social payments in 2014.

Kazakhstan has a mixed system of older people social security including a pension fund scheme, state social security benefits due to disability, loss of breadwinner/survival, special state benefit payments, provision of special social services and social aid.

Currently 20 categories of senior citizens (Heroes of the Soviet Union and Socialist labor, Cavaliers of the order of Labor Glory, Labor Glory of 3 categories, the disabled and war veterans and persons equated to them, widows of dead servicemen, families of dead servicemen, wives of dead disabled war veterans, war workers, persons who suffered political repressions, the disabled of all degrees, meritorious retirees, mothers of large families) with more than 1 mln. people draw special state benefit payments. Low income persons of older age are provided with housing aid aiming to reimburse costs for housing services and utilities.

In all policlinics of the republic there are separate registration desks for elderly people, waiting rooms provided with all conditions for waiting (TV –set with health lifestyle advertising videoclips, breaking news, hot tea and etc.).  Also separate taking of analyses in polyclinic, taking of analyses at home is foreseen for elderly people (for individuals with disabilities). From April 2010 a staff standard provides gerontologist positions.

For health purposes elderly people with disabilities are provided with publicly funded technical (compensatory devices) and special mobility aid means, prosthetic and orthopedic and audio-prosthetic aid, necessary typhlo means, sanatorium-resort therapy. A network of social care departments serving 34 862 people has been created in the country for social assistance of single older people and unemployable citizens.

Moreover, individuals who have wholly or partially lost self-service ability are provided with medical and recovery services in semi-hospital and hospital conditions or live on full state welfare in residential care facilities. The republic accounts for 49 state medical and social institutions inhabited by 7 242 people.

Currently, 5 440 war veterans and disabled war veterans live in the country. On the instruction of the Head of the state 5.7 billion tenge will be allocated from the republican budget for material support and honouring of veterans in the honor of 70 years Victory in the Great Patriotic War in 2015. War veterans and war workers will be provided with a single material assistance, free travel by air and railway transport on the territory of Kazakhstan and CIS countries, and will be given an opportunity to visit events devoted to celebration of jubilee.

To celebrate the Day of Older Persons plans of “Social care month” have been elaborated and approved in all regions of the country which provide different events for elder people including  charity events, meetings with labor collectives, visit of residential homes and medical and social institutions, organization of cultural events, provision of sponsor support for older people and etc.

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