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First Vice-Minister of Healthcare and Social Development of the RK Kairbekova S. met with students of medical university of Semey city

Today in the course of working trip to East-Kazakhstani oblast with an aim to explain the Address of the Head of the State to the People of Kazakhstan “Kazakhstan way - 2050: Common aim, common interests, common future” the First Vice-minister of Healthcare and Social development of the RK Kairbekova S. visited Cardiosurgical department of Medical center of medical university, diagnostic center and had a meeting with final year students of the university in Semey city.

During the meeting Salidat Kairbekova emphasized how important it is to improve quality of students’ education. “Healthcare and medical education are one of dynamic spheres where more than 20 percent of information about methods of diagnostics and treatment of diseases is updated annually. Year by year new technologies are implemented, new medical products are produced. Therefore there are more requirements for doctor who is placed responsibility for health and life of patients” - she said.

In this regard, she reminded that the Ministry of Healthcare implemented an institute for independent evaluation of knowledge and skills of graduates of medical universities, colleges and practicians. Evaluation will be done with the use of simulation technology in rooms equipped with special equipment, mannequins and human dummies on which doctors will demonstrate their practical skills.

During the conversation Salidat Kairbekova reported that students who obtained the highest scores on UNT were enrolled to medical universities of the country this year. Minimum passing score for «General medicine» discipline was 92 points.

Moreover, a pilot project for psychometrical testing of students has been performed this year in KazNMU n.a. Asfendiyarov S. Such tests are carried out to identify how stress-resistant and capable of sympathizing they are.  

Also Salidat Kairbekova referred in details on measures taken for expanding lack of skilled workers locally. Following the results of provision of employment to graduates in 2014 lack of health manpower, according to preliminary data, has decreased by 30%. It is to be noted that generally lack of manpower is seen in villages. In this regard, she addressed students once again asking them to go to work to villages after graduating. “Village is a small motherland for many of us. We were born and grew up in villages, our parents and relatives live there. It is necessary to consider that work in village will be a huge experience for young specialists”, - she said. 

The Ministry also pays specific attention to staff professional development. It is planned to train not less than 20% specialists annually using republican budget, which will enable training all medical workers of the country within 5 years domestically, abroad and involve specialists from abroad. More than 100 thousand specialists have been trained in republican organizations for education and science over the last 3 years. More than 600 Kazakhstani specialists have been sent to study abroad. Training was conducted in such countries as Japan, USA, Germany, France, Denmark, Korea, etc.

Master-classes with participation of abroad specialists are widely implemented.

Currently, when assigning qualification grades the emphasis is put on practical level, i.e. specialist’s knowledge of latest methods of diagnostics and treatment come to the fore when assessing his professionalism.

In whole, all complex measures taken to improve post-graduate education of specialists will allow enhancing professionalism of specialists and, therefore improve quality of medical care provided to people.

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