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Results of monitoring


migration and demographic situation

in the Republic of Kazakhstan

As of July 1, 2014, external migration balance is - 2339 people. (including immigrants - 8454 people, emigrants - 10793 people).

For reference only: over the same period of 2013, external migration balance is - 655 people. (including immigrants 10,663 people, and immigrants - 10,008 people.).

Regarding ethnic migration

Resettlement of repatriates.

From 1991 to October 1, 2014,  258,786 thousand families or 952,104 thousand ethnic Kazakhs went back to their historic homeland and got the status of repatriate (oralman), including over 9 months of 2014, 3490 families or 7468 ethnic Kazakhs.

Most repatriates - 68.6% came from Uzbekistan, 19.6% are from China, 6% - from Mongolia, 2.6% - from Turkmenistan, 1.1% - from Kyrgyzstan and 2.1% - from other countries.

Countries of origin of repatriates predetermined their regions of settlement. The greatest number of repatriates settled in South Kazakhstan - 23%, Almaty - 23.9%, Mangistau - 17.6%, Zhambyl regions - 11.7% and in other regions - 23.8%.

Persons of working age account for 70.5%, children up to 18 years - 23.6% and pensioners - 5.9%.

According to level of education among the repatriates of working age 7.7% have higher education, 18.2% secondary special education, 54.4% secondary education, 19.7% have no education.

Regarding labor migration (in terms of attracting foreign labor)

Attraction of foreign specialists into the Kazakhstan economy remains one of the most important public policy issues in the field of labor migration.

According to data reported by the local executive bodies, as of September 1, 2014 employers hiring foreign labor force (hereinafter - FLF), according to permits issued by the competent authorities 31.9 thousand foreign citizens were attracted by employers or 7.9% of the number of employees working for them. At the same time, 399.7 thousand Kazakhstan citizens work in these organizations.

In order to protect domestic labor market Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan annually set quota on attraction of foreign experts to the republic. In 2014, the quota has been set in the amount of 63 thousand units or 0.7% to the economically active population of the republic.

In attracting foreign labor force the priority is placed on highly qualified workers. As of September 1, 2014 31.9 thousand permits for attraction of foreign workers are in effect, including 23.3 thousand employees of I - III categories.

As of September 1, 2014 according to permits of local executive bodies 31.9 thousand foreign citizens were employed in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, of them by categories:

first (heads and their deputies) - 2177 people;

second (heads of structural units) - 6952 people .;

third (specialists) - 14178 people;

fourth (qualified workers) - 7259 people;

1384 people were attracted for seasonal agricultural work. The number of employers attracting foreign labor force at the end of the reporting period, in total 2601.

399.7 thousand citizens of Kazakhstan work in enterprises attracting FLF, representing 92% of the total number of employees.

The main countries of origin of migrant workers are still China (22.6%) and Turkey (14.4%).

Companies attracting foreign labor force for September 1 of the current year as part of meeting special conditions imposed in the issuance of permits, 14455 jobs have been created for citizens of Kazakhstan , 3259 citizens of Kazakhstan have been professionally retrained, 12608 of local workers accomplished advanced training, 615 Kazakhstani workers went through professional training, 27 foreign specialists were replaced by Kazakhstani personnel.

A policy on the replacement of foreign workers by Kazakhstani personnel is being conducted, thus from the beginning of 2014, 27 foreign specialists were replaced by Kazakhstani personnel.

Regarding internal migration

As of July 1, 2014, within one region and between regions 170,771 people migrated.

As of July 1, 2014 Astana, Almaty as well as Mangistau, Aktobe and Atyrau regions show a positive internal migration balance.

Negative migration balance remains stable in the rural areas at the level -26.4 pers., for all nationalities and ethnicities, indicating activation of urban processes, urban agglomerations growth intensification.

According to the results of first half of the current year 38.8% of inter-regional arrival accounts for 3 regions: Almaty (14.7%), Astana (13.8%) and Almatinskaya oblast (10.2%).

Regarding demographic situation

The country’s population as of  July 1 ,2014 amounted to 17,284.8 thousand people, including urban - 9523.1 thousand (55.1%), rural - 7761.7 thous. people (44.9%).

Natural population increase of the republic as of July 1, 2014 made up 126.4 people (over 2013 - 117.6 people). The total rate of natural increase per 1,000 population was 0.72%.

Over 6 months of 2014, 193.3 thousand births were registered by the authorities of Civil Registration Office, which is 2.4% more than in the corresponding period of 2013. (188.6 thous. people). The total fertility rate was 22.5 births per 1000 people.

The number of deaths in the period under consideration amounted to 66.8 thousand people. At that, the overall mortality rate per 1000 people made up 7.8 deaths.

Over 6 months of 2014 the number of deaths among infants under 1 year was 2068 people in the republic (over 2013 - 2228). Compared with the same period of 2013 the number of deaths among children under 1 year decreased by 7.1%. The main cause of infant mortality are conditions originating in the perinatal period, from which 1124 infants died, or 54.3% of the total number of deaths among infants.

The number of deaths of people from congenital anomalies made up 415 people, or 20%, from respiratory diseases - 157, or 7.5%, and from accidents, poisoning and injuries - 96, or 4.6%.

68.4 marriages have been registered by the authorities of Civil Registration Office  (for the same period of 2013 - 71.1), which is 3.8% less than in 2013.

25.2 thousand divorces have been registered (for the same period of 2013 - 24.6 thousand.), their number increased by 2.3%.

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