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Competition among domestic manufacturers of pharmaceutical products ended with ceremonial signing of long-term contracts on medication supply for 7 years with a single distributor for the procurement of medicines LLP "SK-Pharmacy" on 10th of November,2014

Signing ceremony was attended by Deputy Minister of Health and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan Musinov S.R., Majilis deputy Nikitinskaya E.S., chairman of the committee for monitoring the medical and pharmaceutical activity of MHSP Beisen N.E., President of the "Association of Manufacturers of Pharmaceutical and medical products in Kazakhstan "Kazakhstan FarmMedIndustry" Sultanov S.E., representatives of the National Chamber of entrepreneurs, business executives and Single distributor of domestic manufacturers of pharmaceutical products.

Now 13 more agreements will be added to the seven existing long-term contracts between a single distributor and domestic manufacturers in terms of which 18 domestic pharmaceutical companies get guaranteed sales of their products in the seven years within the framework of public procurement of medicines to ensure the guaranteed volume of free medical care. 

Companies plan to arrange production in accordance with standards of manufacturing practice (GMP) and to start production of 561 out of 800 drugs announced for the competition. This volume of domestic production of medicines will allow avoiding dependence on foreign suppliers and substituting imported drugs with domestic.

The competition was held on a platform of LLP "SK-Pharmacy". The composition of the evaluation committee included 27 people: deputies of the Majilis, the staff of the Ministry of Health care and Social Development, the Ministry of Investment and Development, representatives of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs, the National Chamber of health professional associations and members of the Single distributor.

Objective and transparent rules of the contest provided equal condition to all participants of competition. To participate in the competition potential suppliers presented their projects, business plans, feasibility studies identifying the sources of funding, and the project schedule. One of the main requirements for participation in the competition is the production of medicines in accordance with the regulations of good manufacturing practice. Terms of transition to these international standards were also specified by the manufacturer.

All presented data was carefully reviewed by members of the evaluation commission.

The recognized leaders of the domestic pharmaceutical industry who already have an extensive experience of cooperation with the government and the companies that just start to develop their projects for pharmaceutical production in Kazakhstan participated in the competition. It is not surprising since the seven-year of cooperation with a single distributor under long-term contracts greatly increases the investment attractiveness of the new promising industries.

The names of the declared nomenclature were distributed among the potential suppliers descending to points. The winner has been determined on the basis of the auction among the companies that received an equal number of points: the highest conditional price discounts which was suggested by a potential supplier. Thus, evaluation committee determined future suppliers of 561 kinds of medicines for hospitals that provide public medical services.

It should be noted that Kazakhstani pharmaceutical factories get priority during the tender process where many of today's winners are consistently and successfully engaged within the framework of support of domestic producers in purchase of Single distributor. Work on the creation of an enabling environment for the development of the domestic pharmaceutical industry continues.

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