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State support measures make pharmaceutical market of Kazakhstan attractive for foreign investors

Today in the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of the RK the formal event of awarding Certificates of Compliance to the state standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Distributing Practice (CDP), coincided with the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Day, took place.

One of the strategic tasks of Kazakhstan’s pharmaceutical sector is transferring from system of quality audit of final products to the assurance of its quality. This can be done by integrating international standards of good pharmacy practice.

These standards set the requirements for products, processes, pharmaceutical services, pharmaceutical market players during the whole cycle of pharmacy production, starting with product development and finishing with its usage by consumers.

Following these standards by producers and distributors assures that people will have access to quality, safe and effective medicine.

The number of Kazakhstani producers, integrating GMP Standard in their production, is increasing every year. Today more 4 Kazakhstani producers have joined the list of 3 production sites that have GMP Standard compliance statements. Also at the moment another 7 domestic enterprises are preparing for the inspection on GMP compliance.

Wholesale warehouses of pharmaceuticals, medical accessories and medical equipment, along with chemist’s shops are going through rapid modernization. 15 objects of wholesale chain are in compliance with GDP Standard; 15 objects of retail sales – with GPP Standard.

Concluding long-term contracts between Sole distributor and domestic producers, who have integrated or planning to integrate GMP Standard, allows significant increasing in Kazakhstani content in the state purchase of pharmaceuticals. This measure gave opportunity to optimize the domestic industry development, promote GMP integration, which leads to improving the quality of produced pharmaceuticals.

Measures for state support of pharmacy, creation of Eurasian Economic Union make pharmaceutical market attractive for foreign investors.

Today foreign companies invest into 5 Kazakhstani pharmaceutical companies. Law of the RK, adopted in June, 2014, “On introduction of amendments and additions to some acts of the RK on issues of improvement of the investment climate” is aimed at enhancing work of investors in the pharmaceutical sector.

Along with that the government is educating and training national pharmaceutical inspectorate. Their functions are aimed at assessing compliance of activities of pharmaceutical market players to the international standards.  In 2013 the Ministry sent a request on the intention of national pharmaceutical inspection to join the international system of Pharmaceutical Inspection Cooperation Scheme (PIC/S). This will expand the export potential of Kazakhstani producers, facilitate the access of domestic medicine to external markets, reduce the number of inspections on domestic enterprises by foreign inspectors in the process of promoting Kazakhstani products on markets of other countries.

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