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437 providers of primary health care received stimulating supplements for the 1st quarter of 2015 in Kazakhstan

As the result of the 1st quarter of this year, 437 companies of primary health care (hereinafter - PHC) received 5.2 billion tenge for payment of stimulating component of a complex capitation standard rate (hereinafter - CCSR). Additional financial stimulus measures covered 9.8 thousand doctors, 25.7 thousand average medical workers, 3.3 thousand obstetricians, 2.2 thousand social workers and 1 thousand psychologists.

Evaluation of the contribution of each employee in achieving of outcome indicators is carried out by means of process indicators, which are determined by the organization itself, taking into account baseline health system indicators: the lack of maternal and infant mortality, revealing the early stages of tuberculosis and cancer pathology, reduced hospitalization of patients with complicated cardiovascular system disease (myocardial infarction, stroke).

Calculation of the value of each indicator of the final result of PHC organization and amounts of CCSR in sectional areas is carried out in an automated way on the www.skpn.eisz.kz portal, which ensures the transparency of the formation of incentive payments.

Let us remind that one of the main tasks of the State program "Salamatty Kazakhstan" is the formation of an effective health care system, based on the priority development of socially oriented PHC.

Budget funds for the implementation of CCSR were first allocated in 2011. Thus, employees of PHC organizations have a real opportunity to get a decent wage while performing their professional duties, and patient satisfaction with quality of services rendered. 

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