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Working trip to Taraz city

On April 17, 2014 in the building of Department of the employment and social programs coordination of akimat of Zhambyl oblast the representatives of Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population of the RK with the purposes of discussing  the elaboration of system measures aimed at solving the problematic issues of the employment and necessary measures on social support of the  repatriated Kazakh people(oralmans) carried out the meeting with representatives of public associations of the repatriate Kazakh people and the representative from Department of Inner Affairs.

At that meeting the representatives of "Akmentei" PA, Durali Amanzhol, "Oralmans and labor migrants" PA, Tiribolsyn Yerbol and "Zhastar tilegi" PA, Islambek Dastan, representative of DIA, Aimbek Arai Danabekkyzy and repatriated Kazakh people took part.

Chairman of Migration Committee of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population of the RK  S.Ye. Amanbayev in his speech underlined the issue of the purposeful work carrying out to achieve implementation of the repatriate Kazakh people   adaptation and integration in the Kazakhstan society.

In the course of meeting interaction between Public associations and foundations of the repatriate Kazakhs and governmental bodies in the matters of the employment and necessary measures for social support of the Repatriate Kazakhs were discussed.

Representatives of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population of the RK gave detailed explanations of mechanisms for implementation of each direction of the Employment Road Map-2020 Program, as well as the most important aspects of improving the repatriation policy in relation to the Ethnic Kazakhs, measures for implementation of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 10, 2013 On amendments and additions to some statutory acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the labor migration issues.

            By the meeting completion the participants achieved agreements on interaction and improvement of the social protection system, employment and the repatriate Kazakhs adaptation in the society.

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