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In Kazakhstan, children infected with HIV / AIDS are provided with all necessary medicines

In Kazakhstan, including the South Kazakhstan Region, children infected with HIV / AIDS are fully provided with all necessary medicines.

Before summarizing the tender procedures for the procurement of LLP “SK-Farmatsia”, the provision of medical institutions with medicine “Aluvia” used to treat children infected with HIV / AIDS is fully implemented in the framework of the redistribution between the regions of the Republic.

It must be emphasized that in Kazakhstan the provision of patients of pediatric age category infected with HIV / AIDS is carried out exclusively with original drugs.

Treatment of patients with HIV / AIDS is based on the protocols approved by the World Health Organization.

Purchase of antiretroviral drugs is centrally conducted by a single distributor for stated prices based on the needs presented by medical organizations. Supply of drugs is carried out in accordance with the approved schedule.

This issue is under constant control at the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the RK and the Republican Center for Prevention and Control of AIDS.

Provision of the population with high-quality, effective, safe drugs, as well as increase of their availability in the framework of guaranteed free medical care is one of the main tasks of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan. For more complete coverage of all the free drugs for people in need, funding for this purpose increases every year.

In Kazakhstan, the free drugs are provided for the patients with life-threatening and socially significant diseases, including HIV / AIDS.

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