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Mazhilis at the first reading approved the draft Law aimed at protection of rights of the persons with disabilities

Today, at the plenary meeting of Mazhilis of Parliament of the RK the chamber deputies approved at the first reading the draft Law of the RK "On amendments and additions to some legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan concerning issues on protection of rights of the persons with disabilities".

This draft Law is developed to implement the Law "On Ratification the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities" signed by the Head of State on February 20 of current year.

With the purpose of improving the system of social protection of the persons with disabilities, enhancing efficiency of the service rendering in the sphere of rehabilitation of disabled persons, undertaking proper measures to provide the disabled persons with access to labor, physical environment, including transport, information and communication with taking into account their special needs in access to facilities and services open and provided to all population the draft Law makes amendments to 24 legislative acts including 4 Codes.

The draft Law stipulates: 

1. Provision of accessibility to social and transport infrastructure:

- creating the barrier-free environments at passenger stations and airports;

- equipping the railroad trains with the cars accessible for the persons with disabilities;

- training of the transport workers for skills to communicate and render services to the persons with disabilities including training for sign language;

-allocation of the free of charge parking places dedicated only for special vehicles of persons with disabilities and shall  not be occupied by other vehicles at airports, stations,  social and cultural facilities as well as squares, avenues, streets, squares etc.

2. Improvement of the services in social sphere (healthcare, education and social protection):

- provision of the medical care and medical rehabilitation availability for the persons with disabilities;

- improvement of the social-medical assessment;

- imposing upon the healthcare a duty to carry out the prevention works;

- increasing the services of the sign language specialists for persons with hearing disabilities;

- development of educational standards with taking into account the inclusive education;

- provision of the inclusive education availability for disabled children;

- execution of education/bringing-up process at all levels of the education system with respect for the rights of the persons with disabilities and others.

3. Availability of information and housing.

- creating for the persons with disabilities the access to the information media at the places of service rendering, television and radio broadcasting, postal services,

- rendering state services in an intelligible form;

- training the workers in the sphere of the service rendering for the skills of communication with the persons with disabilities;

- providing the disabled persons with musculoskeletal disorders with the housing not higher than second floor;

- including the persons with the third group of disablement to the list of persons who must not be dispossessed the official housing without providing them with another housing suitable for living;

- reservation of the right for housing in case of the temporary living of the disabled person in medical and social institution.

4. Improvement of the legal aid:

- expression of own opinion and obtaining information in sign language including in court;

- providing the draft deferment for a male single child in a family where there is the person with disabilities;

- providing the disabled persons with the convalescent facilities in period of enduring the punishment;

- conducting legal consultation by a lawyer at the place of residence of the person with disabilities and others.

The draft Law adoption contributes in enhancing the rights of more than six thousand persons with disabilities.

Changed on 8 July, 2015 - 12:30
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