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In Mangystau, Kyzylorda, Zhambyl oblasts and Astana action "Densaulyk zholy - 2015" is under way

Within the framework of "Densaulyk-zholy" republican action since July 20 through 26, 2015, the mobile medical complexes (MMC) will go to settlements Syrga, Synygrlau and Akzhigit of Beineu district and settlements Zharmysh and Zhyngyldy of Mangystau district of Mangystau oblast the inhabitants of which will have opportunity to have free of charge screening examination and receive medical care on socially important diseases. Attendance of the mobile groups will be arranged with participation of oculists, ophthalmologists, therapists, pulmonologists, pediatricians, cardiologists, surgeons and obstetrician gynecologists.

These very days the MMC will go to station Zhosaly and aul Iirkol of Karmakshi district, and also to auls Birlik, Kozhabaky, Arandy of Kazaly district and auls Botabai, Bala bi and other outlying settlements of Shieli district of Kyzylorda oblast. Mobile medical teams are composed of specialists of therapeutic, cardiac, endocrinologic,   phthisiologic and oncologic services and services of healthy lifestyle formation.

From 20 to 24 of July for the residents of Lesozavod of Astana it is also planned to organize the attendance of teams from among the healthcare specialists to render the consultative assistance and early detection of risk factors of the socially important diseases with the subsequent dispensary observation and health improvement.

In this very period the attendance of mobile groups to outlying districts of Zhambyl oblast will be organized

Let us recall, from July1 till August 31 of the current year throughout entire republic the large-scale action"Densaulyk zholy -2015" is conducted with the purpose to render informative educational and practical assistance to the rural population in the issues of healthy lifestyle formation and prevention of socially important diseases. 

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