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Over 10.4 thousand villagers were consulted on the appointment of social payments without leaving their villages

From March 16 to September 2, 2015 10469 citizens living in remote areas of the country received advice on appointment of pensions and benefits from the specialists of the State Center on Pension Payment, JSC "Kazpost" and service centers, who had arrived at villages in special mobile groups.

In order to provide government services to villagers, 830 employees of these institutions were involved. As a result of the carried out work, 6607 out 10469 citizens seeking assistance were consulted on the issues of various social payments, 2046 people filed applications for details changes, 1816 applied for the appointment of pensions and benefits.

In the period from March 16 to September 2 this year, the mobile groups visited 3051 remote rural districts, made 5216 visits.

Electronic case drafts were created based on all applications for appointment of pensions and benefits that were forwarded to the competent authority. By September 2 this year pensions and benefits had been assigned to 1794 of the applicants. Pension certificates and notifications will be delivered to the citizens during the next visit of mobile groups.

The work of mobile groups will last until the end of the year in a pilot mode. Customer services (reception of documents and opening of accounts) provided in their places of residence will suggest a comfortable, simplified procedure, reduced costs and time to obtain government services.

As previously reported, on March 12 this year a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation between RNE "State Center for Pension Payments", JSC "Kazpost" and RSE "Citizen Service Center" was signed. This document is aimed at the implementation of the Law of RoK "On amendments and additions to some legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on optimization and automation of public services in the social and labor field."

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