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MHSD RK undertake all measures required to provide the population employment - www.i-news.kzот dated August 26, 2015

Ministry of healthcare and social development undertakes active measures aimed at population employment. Since the beginning of this year within the Employment Road Map - 2020 program about 82 thousand people are employed, among them 63 thousand citizens are employed to permanent  work positions, 18,8 thousand people – to temporary work positions.

By the first direction of the ERM - 2020 program in 2015 implementation of 513 projects from which 151 have been already completed is launched. Over 6,6 thousand people are employed.

Within the second direction 2,2 thousand people were trained in business foundations. From them 2063 participants were granted the credits at the amount of KZT4,8 milliard. 1377 of these participants opened own business for the first time, 911 more received the microcredits at the expense of returnable funds. Receivers of the microcredits created 2,5 thousand work positions additionally.

By the third direction of program 13,8 thousand people are covered by the vocational education, 8,2 thousand citizens are employed to social work positions. 7,7 thousand people are directed to youth practice. About 40 thousand more citizens found a job without applying the measures of the state support.

Also within the third direction it is assumed to increase mobility of a manpower, at the expense of assistance to voluntary moving of citizens from depressive regions to settlements with a high potential of social and economic development and the centers of economic growth. So, in 2015 454 persons are moved.

With the purpose to involve citizens in the ERM - 2020 program in Kazakhstan information and explanatory work on issues concerning participation in the program is carried out. Within the period from March to August of this year the mobile groups executed departures to 620 rural settlements, more than 93,6 thousand people from among the unemployed and self-employed population were covered by explanatory work. For the moment more than 21 thousand villagers showed willingness to become participants of the ERM - 2020 program.

Let us remind, since the beginning of implementation of the Employment Road Map - 2020 program 461 thousand people, from them more than 60% – the unemployed, more than 30% – self-employed and about 9% – able-bodied needy citizens have been covered by active measures aimed at employment promotion.

This year for the program implementation KZT 37,3 milliard are provided (2014 – KZT94,3 milliard, 2013 – KZT102,9 milliard, 2012 – KZT57,6 milliard).

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