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Within the framework of Day of Languages of Kazakhstan Nation Festival of Languages was held in subordinated organizations of the MHSD RK

Since September 22 trough September 25, 2015 the Festival of languages dated for Day of Languages of Kazakhstan Nation was held in the subordinated organizations of the Ministry of healthcare and social development of the RK.

The program of Festival consisted of 3 stages. There was a show of national clothes, competition on folklore (verses, songs), and also competition on the best ethnic cuisine dish, knowledge of customs and traditions of the people living in Kazakhstan. Following the results of Festival incentive prizes were awarded to the best collectives.

Besides, this year within the framework of  Day of Languages such festive actions as "Kazakhstan – kop ullty memleket" (Kazakhstan – the multinational state), "Tildin tiregi - ult" (A language basis is nationality), "Ozge tilin baryn bil, oz tilindi kurmete" (Know all languages, respect own language), competition on the Kazakh language knowledge among public servants "A state language – to public service", lectures on the subject "The Native Language — Invaluable Treasure", quizes "Soz mergen" (Word is the  shooter), etc. were arranged.

Main goal of the held events is to develop the national languages, preserve history, customs and traditions of the Kazakhstan nation, strengthen unity and friendship of Kazakhstan citizens.

Kazakhstan is the multinational and multi-religious state. The language policy in the country is aimed at creation of conditions to develop languages of all nationalities and nations living in the republic. Language promotes strengthening of friendship of the people and development of relationship in society.

Let us remind that according to the list of professional holidays and memorable days in the Republic of Kazakhstan approved by the Decree of the President of Kazakhstan dated 20.01.1998, on September 22 it is declared as Day of Languages of Kazakhstan Nation.  

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