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Kazakhstan citizens who made their contributions to increase in labor productivity and economy competitiveness will be awarded the order "Yenbek Danky"

Since this year the workers and toilers of various branches of material production who made their contribution to increase of labor productivity and economy competitiveness will be awarded the order "Yenbek Danky". The Vice Minister of healthcare and social development of the RK Birzhan Nurymbetov reported about it today at a briefing in Service of central communications at the President of Kazakhstan devoted to the Labor Day.

He reminded that in 2014 upon  instruction of the Head of State the medal "Yenbek Ardager" by which the veterans of work who reached a retirement age, having the general length of service more than 40 years (including not less than 10 years in one branch), and the highest results showed in the work are awarded.

On September 26, 2014 during  first Republican forum "To Society of Common Work" held in Astana 10 professionals who made a powerful contribution to development and strengthening of economy of Kazakhstan were awarded  the medal "Yenbek  Ardager".

"This year by the Decree of the Head of State dated March 17, 2015,   the award "Yenbek Danky" (Labor glory) of three degrees the highest of which is the first was established.  . Awarding is made consistently: IIІ degree, II degree and I degree. Holders of the order "Yenbek Danky" of three degrees, are equated according to the status of  the persons awarded ranks "Kazakhstannyn Yenbek Yeri", - Birzhan Nurymbetov reported.

The Vice Minister noted that the abovementioned order will be awarded to the workers and toilers of various branches of material production of goods for fruitful long work, and also for the highest indicators promoting growth of labor productivity and increase in  national economy competitiveness.

"For the first time the order awarding  is planned in December of this year within the actions devoted to the Independence Day", - he added.

Birzhan Nurymbetov also reported that in fulfillment of the 88th step of the Plan of Nation  "100 concrete steps" declared by the Head of State for implementation of five institutional reforms for promoting the idea of formation of Society of Common Work the Deputy Prime Minister of the  RK has approved the Plan of measures for arrangement of "Labor Day" which is intended for 2015-2016/

"Main goal of this holiday is to stimulate productive work, promote of working professions among youth and strengthen the  long-term traditions of working dynasties, i.e. this is a great gratitude to toilers, honestly, responsibly and patiently treating the business, adequately representing the profession in society", - he emphasized.

The Vice Minister reported further that the events devoted to the Labor Day are held  all around the country. With participation of youth at the enterprises the action "Open Day" is carried out,  regional stage of competitions on professional skill "The best in profession", "The best young worker", "The best mentor of the working youth" are conducted. Fairs of vacancies, photo contests, and also employment lessons "Your choice" in general education institutions with involvement of veterans of work are arranged.

In certain regions also other interesting initiatives devoted to the Labor Day are implemented:

- in Kostanai oblast the start is given to the unique project "Book of Labor Glory" devoted to the 80 anniversary of labor feats of the region citizens;

- in South Kazakhstan oblast the  winners of competition "Innovative Plans Aimed at Improvement of Working Conditions to Workers" will be awarded  certificates for three-day training on labor protection abroad;

- in West Kazakhstan oblast there took place the meeting with famous bards devoted to celebration of labor veterans.

In all regions of the country the forums devoted to Labor Day are conducted with celebration of labor veterans, professionals and representatives of the labor dynasties which made a personal contribution to development and strengthening of Kazakhstan economy.

"Next year the events devoted to Labor Day will be significantly corrected taking into account implementation of the National project on formation of Society of Common Work. All actions will start in February. When carrying out the sectoral competition of professional skill "The best in profession" and competition among labor dynasties "Yenbek Zholy" is planned to provide the multistage (regional, sectoral and republican stages) algorithm of actions, accompanying them with celebration and incentives of labor veterans for achievement of the highest results in work. Holding the Republican forum devoted to celebration of the Labor Day within which awarding of workers and toilers the order "Yenbek Danky" and medal "Yenbek Ardager" will take place", - Birzhan Nurymbetov informed.

Let us remind that in July, 2012 the Head of State sounded the idea of formation of Society of Common Labor in Kazakhstan. In November, 2013 by the Decree of the Head of State the celebration of Labor Day of the RK which now is celebrated each last Sunday of September is established. 

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