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Month's campaign aimed at prevention of ARVI, influenza and pneumococcal disase has started in Kazakhstan

Within the framework of  month's campaign which will be carried out in Kazakhstan since September 28 through October 28, 2015, in the organizations of primary medical and sanitary care the Open Days will be arranged. Citizens will have opportunity to get free advice of specialists in prevention of acute respiratory viral infections, influenza and a pneumococcal infection.

On workplaces medical towns will be arranged to distribute information and education materials. Classes in the issues concerning observance of personal hygiene and prevention of ARVI, influenza and pneumococcal infection will be conducted in health schools and youth centers of health. In children's homes, boarding schools, preschool institutions, the organizations of education - competitions of drawings, theatrical performances, sports will be arranged.

Main goal of this month's campaign is to awareness of population, especially persons with high illness risk, employers and workers concerning measures of individual and public protection, need of the timely addressing for medical care to prevent complications.

Influenza is viral infection which affects generally nose, throat, bronchial tubes, sometimes, lungs. Usually the illness lasts about a week. Its characteristic signs are acute temperature rise, muscular and headaches, strong indisposition, cough, sore throat and rhinitis. Influenza may lead to complications of the main diseases, development of pneumonia and death.

It is possible to prevent a disease by means of vaccination. The World Health Organization recommends annual vaccination to pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy, to children from 6 months to 5 years, to elderly people of 65 years and older, to people with chronic diseases and to healthcare workers

Changed on 28 September, 2015 - 19:55
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