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Medical organizations of Kazakhstan are ready for conducting the second stage of additional population immunization against rubella

The Vice Minister of healthcare and social development of the RK Aleksei Tsoi reported about it at the briefing on subject "On Renewal of Campaign for Additional Immunization against Rubella in the Republic of Kazakhstan" which was held in MHSD RK today.

At the beginning of his speech Aleksei Tsoi noted that in Kazakhstan epidemiological ill-being with rubella continues to be noted. Following the results of 8 months  of this year 2307 rubella cases among which   696 are children have been registered.

"Rubella morbidity increased in 10 ties, and among the children that increased in 6 times. At that the most morbidity is registered in those regions where there exists low coverage of population with vaccination against rubella. These are Mangistau, East Kazakhstan oblasts and Astana. In this connection and under WHO recommendation the decision was taken to renew additional immunization against rubella since October 1 of current year", - he emphasized.

To provide  the population vaccination on the proper level the Ministry of healthcare and social development of the RK has approved the Plan of social mobilization and information work for carrying out campaign of additional immunization against rubella in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

"To coordinate actions aimed at additional immunization against rubella in each region the headquarters headed by the supervising deputy akims of oblasts and  Astana and Almaty cities are created. Conditions of vaccine transportation and storage are carefully checked. To check readiness for the campaign carrying out the  MHSD RK and Committee on consumer protection arranged departures to regions in the course of which experts rendered advisory and practical assistance in preparation for additional immunization", - the Vice Minister emphasized.

As it was reported earlier, within September Aleksei Tsoi personally checked readiness for vaccination conducting in the medical organizations of Kokshetau, Uralsk, Pavlodar, Taraz, Shymkent and Karaganda.

313 thousand 348 teenagers aged from 15 till 19 years are subject to additional immunization against rubella. To conduct the campaign there were involved  3567 vaccination crews in which there are 3567 doctors, 3611 nurses and 7134 registrars. Certification of the health workers involved to conduct vaccination against rubella has been carried out.

In all regions explanatory work concerning necessity of vaccination was carried out with teenagers and their parents.

Every vaccinated person will be informed on the forthcoming inoculation, invited to the doctor who will provide him/her or his/her parents (legal representative) the complete and objective information on a preventive inoculation, possible reactions and adverse manifestations after immunization, consequences of refusal from vaccination.

Preventive inoculations will be carried out only at voluntary informed consent in the approved form.

Applied monovalent vaccine against rubella is confirmed by the World Health Organization and is used in 40 countries.

In Kazakhstan in April, 2015, this vaccine passed trough examination for on safety and efficiency on 23 indicators as a result of which it is established that physical-chemical and biological indicators of a vaccine correspond to all standards.

Let us remind that at the first stage of vaccination campaign against rubella 529422 teenagers (more than 60,1%) were covered.

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