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Parliament of Kazakhstan has ratified the treaty on unified principles and rules for circulation of medicinal drugs and medical products within the framework of EEU

Today at plenary session of the Senate of Parliament of the RK deputies adopted the Laws of the  RK "On Ratification of treaty on the Uniform Principles and Rules for Medicinal Drugs Circulation Within the Eurasian Economic Union" and "On Ratification of Treaty on Uniform Principles and Rules for Medical Products Circulation (medical products and medical equipment) within the Eurasian Economic Union".

According to the treaties since January 1, 2016 the common market of medicines and medical products for the countries of the Eurasian economic union will start functioning. So on the territory of EEU member countries the medical preparations conforming to the GMP standard (the "gold standard" confirming efficiency, safety and quality of medicine) will be implemented only.  .

Medicines and medical products will have free circulation on the territory of the Eurasian economic union after passing of procedure of registration by uniform rules to the basis of which the principles and approaches of the European Union are taken. At that, national requirements for the state language use when marking a preparation, instruction on medical application, on implementation of the state control and supervision of circulation are observed.

Adoption of the Laws of the RK on ratification of agreements doesn't contradict the national legislation of the country and promotes strengthening of the population health of member states by ensuring access to safe, effective and qualitative medicines and medical products through harmonization of the member states' legislation in the sphere of the medicines and medical products circulation.t us remind that the Treaty on the Eurasian Economic Union within the framework of which creation of a common market of services, goods, capital and labor forces of the union member states is provided for has been signed on May 29, 2014. Treaties on the uniform principles and rules for medicinal drugss and medical products were signed on December 23, 2014.

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