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Over KZT 5, 6 milliard were allocated to social support of elderly citizens in Kazakhsyan

The Vice Minister of healthcare and social development of the RK Svetlana Zhakupova reported about it at the briefing on subject "On Measures Undertaken by the State for Social Support of Elderly People" which was held in MHSD RK today.

At the beginning of her speech she noted that in the current year with taking into account the finance abilities of local budgets about KZT 4,1 milliard are allocated to the social assistance to elderly citizens, about  KZT1,5 milliard more are allocated within the framework of social responsibility of business.

As a result the lump sum  financial assistance was received by 268 thousand people at the amount of KZT2,5 milliard, KZT 2,1 milliard are allocated to provide privilege travel by public transport for 202 thousand elderly citizens. Preferential provision of medicines was received by 36,2 thousand people at the amount of KZT 115,2 million, KZT 603 million more are allocated to repair of housing, providing with fuel and other types of assistance.

"For social support of lonely aged and disabled citizens in Kazakhstan the network of the social assistance offices is created. Today in the country 343 offices for rendering a social assistance at home which serve more than 35 thousand lonely aged disabled citizens from whom more than 26 thousand - women", - Svetlana Zhakupova reported.

The persons who fully or partially lost ability to self-service receive medical and rehabilitation services in semi-inpatient and inpatient conditions, or live on full state providing in medico-social establishments (hereinafter - MSE).

Currently in the republic there function 10 rehabilitation centers (day stay departments) serving more than 4,7 thousand citizens, from them more than 2,7 thousand are women, there are also 49 MSE for aged and disabled people where  more than 7 thousand citizens are living.

"Medical care is provided to elderly people free of charge within the state volume of free medical care both at  republican and regional levels", - the Vice Minister emphasized.

Within the framework of implementing the National screening program aimed at detection of socially important diseases among target groups of adult population, annually screening covers about 2 million elderly citizens. So, for the first half of this year over 1 million people have been  already examined.

Within the framework of Unified national health system the elderly citizens receive highly specialized medical care in any republican medical organization by the principle of a free choice.

Conditions for rehabilitation of elderly people in day hospitals and hospitals at home, including for lonely and non-transportable persons are created.

Since 2011 in all policlinics there start working the social workers and psychologists who render assistance to the patients having chronic diseases, demanding the maximum attention.

Let us remind, annually in Kazakhstan the International day of elderly people is celebrated on October 1. Main goal of this holiday is to draw attention of the public to problems of the aged people. Today in the republic there live more than 1 million 950 thousand elderly citizens. 

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