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D. Argandykov: It is necessary to create favorable conditions for development of entrepreneurship in the country

President of Information and Analytical Center for Employment Issues JSC of MHSD RK Daulet Argandykov said about it in the course of  round table on the subject "Formation of middle class: the state and prospects", which was held on October 2 in Kyzylorda. 

Representatives of the Eurasian Economic Commission, International congress of industrialists and businessmen, National chamber of businessmen "Atameken", Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia, official delegation of the all-Russian public organization of small and medium business "Support of Russia", heads of a number of the Kazakhstan universities, and also PROON international organizations and OECD took part in the event arranged by Akimat of Kyzylorda oblast with assistance of the Ministry of healthcare and social development of the RK.

At opening the meeting, Akim of Kyzylorda oblast Krymbek Kusherbayev noted that in Kazakhstan the system of measures aimed at the state support of business - guaranteeing, subsidizing and preferential crediting is built. However, they are aimed generally at the development of already taken place small and medium business.

Microbusiness presented by the individual enterprises, as a rule, stands aside and actually never gets support within the framework of state and industry programs. For example, IE unlike limited liability partnership cannot submit to banks the guarantees, saying nothing about mortgage providing. In this regard many people are not able to create the business. Meanwhile, the considerable part of economically active population of the republic is constituted of the self-employed which should be considered as a source of enterprise community expansion. In the general opinion of experts, the decisive role for increase in the middle class share the small and medium business has to play.

President of Information and Analytical Center for Employment Issues JSC of MHSD RK Daulet Argandykov has analysed possible ways of enterprise initiative stimulation of  Kazakhstan citizens. According to his words, the main part of self-employed citizens of Kazakhstan is concentrated in trade and subsidiary farms. In this regard, Argandykov noted the necessity of further stimulation and support of this category of citizens.

"Today it is necessary to create favorable conditions for development of business in the village (access to resources, water, pastures, financial sources, production sales promotion and so forth) and to involve the self-employed in system of pension provision and insurance. I think that the necessity is ripe for adoption of the law on personal subsidiary farms and in general to work on improvement of the state services quality in this sphere", - he said.

In general participants of the round table noted that the middle class is one of the most important drivers of economic growth, and expressed readiness for further cooperation in its development in Kyzylorda oblast.

By the end of event the head of the region Krymbek Kusherbayev assured that all proposals of participants will be taken into consideration.  

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