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Over 3 thousands of oralmans arrived to Kazakhstan since 2015

According to data as of October 1 since the beginning of this year 3012 ethnic Kazakhs (1164 families) came back to their historical homeland and received the status of oralmans.

The most of newly arrived oralmans were settled in Zhambyl oblast - 213 families (529 people), in South Kazakhstan oblast - 208 families (527 people), in Kostanai oblast – 189 families (452 persons), Mangistau oblast – 108 families (487 people), and also in other regions.

The majority of them, i.e. 78,6% arrived from Uzbekistan, 6,7% are the natives of Turkmenistan, 6% arrived from China, 3,1% - from Mongolia, 5,6% - from other countries.

Persons of active working age constitute 61,1%, children under 18 years – 32,5% and pensioners – 6,3%.

From among the oralmans of active working age 49,6% have  the general secondary education, 32,8% - specialized secondary, 15,4% - the higher education, 2,1% have no education.

Let us remind, from 1991 to 2014 about 259 thousand 159 families or 952 thousand 882 ethnic Kazakhs that constitute 5,5% of total number of the country population came back to Kazakhstan and received the status of oralmans.

Currently the draft Law On amendments and additions to some Acts concerning issues on migration and population employment developed in fulfillment of the order of the Head of State of May 4, 2014 is under consideration by the Parliament of the RK.

To stimulate the ethnic Kazakhs coming back to the historical homeland in the draft Low it is stipulated to:

- provide the oralman status to ethnic Kazakhs regardless of the settlement region. Ethnic Kazakhs unlike foreign citizens will be entitled to receive residence permit upon addressing to migratory police without solvency confirmation;

receiving a social package by ethnic Kazakhs in case of settlement in the regions determined by the Government with establishing the quota for oralmans' reception. At that social support may also be rendered to oralman if he moves from any region of the country to the regions determined by the Government for settlement. However, in case of such regions leaving earlier than in five years, the social package will come back to the state benefit;

- simplification of procedure to obtain citizenship till one year after receiving residence permit by them 

Changed on 19 October, 2015 - 17:57
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