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Since 2014 in Kazakhstan over 5 thousand infrastructure facilities have been adapted to provide their accessibility for the persons with disabilities

From among 19,7 thousand infrastructure facilities which based on the results of the inventory survey are subject to obligatory adaptation for needs of the persons with disabilities over 5 thousand facilities have been adapted in the country since 2014.

Besides, since 2014 the target current transfers are allocated from republican budget to the local executive bodies to provide the transport infrastructure accessibility for the persons with disabilities. Total cost volume to meet these needs constituted KZT 1, 3 milliard in 2014-2015.

Within the framework of these funds allocated 14,4 thousand road signs are installed, 283 pedestrian crossings are equipped with sound units and development of 11 "Invataxi" services is supported in the country regions.

Let us remind, in Kazakhstan inventory of about 29 thousand more infrastructure facilities lie ahead in Kazakhstan.

As it was reported earlier, in the current year Kazakhstan has ratified the Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities and assumed liabilities on implementation of the international standards concerning persons with disabilities.

Ratification of the Convention will provide additional guarantees of implementation and protection of their constitutional rights and freedoms to 627 thousand of the persons with disabilities living in the Republic and to their families as well.

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