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Senate has adopted the Law "On mandatory social medical insurance"

Today at plenary session of the Senate of Parliament the deputies of chamber have, upon consideration in two readings, adopted the Law of the RK "On mandatory social medical insurance".

This Law is developed by MHSD RK within implementation of the 80th step of the Plan of Nation – 100 steps on implementation of five institutional reforms of the Head of State. When developing the Law the best international practices and a principle of social justice were applied.

According to the Law 2 types of medical service packages will be provided to citizens:

The first is the basic package and poses the medical care volume guaranteed by the state financed from the republican budget. This package will be available to all citizens of Kazakhstan. It includes: ambulance and sanitary aviation, medical care at socially important diseases and in emergency cases, preventive vaccines.

For unproductively self-employed population the out-patient and polyclinic care with out-patient provision of medicines at the expense of the republican budget funds is stipulated till 2020.

The second is the insurance package provided from the newly created Fund of medical insurance. It consists of: the out-patient and polyclinic care, the inpatient care (except for socially important diseases), the hospital-replacing care (except for the socially important diseases), recovery treatment and medical rehabilitation, palliative care and nurse care, the high-technology care.

The right for this package receiving is granted to the citizens, foreigners and stateless persons who are permanently living on the territory of the RK and being the participants of obligatory social medical insurance system.

At that the state will execute payments for economically inactive population. Employers will pay for the hired workers. The workers and self-employed citizens registered in the tax authorities will pay for themselves.

In addition to these packages, citizens, in case of their participation in voluntary insurance, may receive medical services on a contractual basis.

To accumulate the obligatory monthly contributions and purchase of medical services on the basis of Committee for medical service payment of the MHSD RK the Fund of social medical insurance in an organizational and legal form of noncommercial joint-stock company will be created. As the founder and the only shareholder the Government of the RK will act.

The rate of the state payments for citizens of special categories (social and vulnerable population segments) will constitute 7% of the average monthly salary. At the rate amount will increase stage by stage: 4% in 2017, 5% since 2018, 6% in 2023, since 2024 - 7%.

The total amount of the employers' contributions rate will constitute 5% of the income, at that assignments will start from 2% in 2017, 3% in 2018, 4% in 2019 and since 2020 - 5%. These assignments will be attributed to deductions at calculation of corporate income tax.

The workers' contributions rate will constitute 2% of the income, at that their assignment will start since 2019 - 1%, since 2020 - 2%.

The rate of contributions from the self-employed citizens (the individual entrepreneurs, private notaries, private judicial performers, lawyers, professional mediators, natural persons gaining income under contracts of civil character) will constitute 7% of the income. At that they were 2% in 2017, 3% in 2018, 5% in 2019 and since 2020 - 7%. It is worth emphasizing that the sum from which the interest will be deducted will not exceed 15 minimum wages.

15 categories of citizens (social and vulnerable population segments) are exempted from payment of contributions to Fund of social medical insurance:

- children;

- mothers having many children awarded by "Altyn alka", "Kumys alka" and earlier were granted a rank "Mother heroine", and also awarded by the order "Maternal Glory"; I and II degrees

- participants in the Great Patriotic War and being disabled due to it;

- persons with disabilities;

- the persons registered as the unemployed;

- the persons which are trained and brought up in the residential organizations;

- the persons training on full-time tuition in the organizations of technical and professional, postsecondary, higher education, and also postgraduate education in the form of residency;

- the persons which are in leave due to the child's birth, adoption of the newborn child, the child nursing till his/her reaching the age of 3 years;

- unemployed pregnant women, and also the unemployed persons who are actually bringing up the child till his/her reaching the age of 3 years;

- pensioners;

- military personnel;

- staff of special government bodies;

- law enforcement officers;

- the persons serving sentence under sentence of court in the correction institutions except for establishments of the minimum safety;

- the persons being in temporary detention centers and pre-trial detention centers.

Changed on 29 October, 2015 - 15:12
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