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The socially oriented model of rendering the primary medical and sanitary care is under implementation in Kazakhstan

The Vice-Minister of healthcare and social development of the RK Svetlana Zhakupova reported about it today in the course of the briefing in the Presidential Central Communications Service devoted to the theme "On the course of implementing the National Plan of measures aimed at strengthening of the family relations, moral-and-ethical and moral-and-spiritual values in the Republic of Kazakhstan".

At the beginning of the speech she noted that MHSD RK is carried out the work on creation of the Map of social problems which will allow to monitor social wellbeing in regions.

"Now the Map contains data on the medical organizations, social facilities, indicators of infant and maternal mortality data on number of HIV-positive patients, and also the citizens with disabilities. The Map will be supplemented by data concerning orphan children, health of children, problems of drug addiction, crime, etc.", - Svetlana Zhakupova reported.

The Vice Minister noted that for strengthen population health the special attention is paid to implementation of socially oriented model of primary medical and sanitary care. In each municipal and district clinic there are offices of family planning. Throughout the country there already function 359 such offices and the center of reproductive health in which the qualified medics work.

27 crisis centers for mothers with newborn children "Analar Uiy" – "House of mother" function in regions. Since 2013, from the moment of their opening, support to 1045 women has been rendered. Being in these institutions, a mother and a child are attached to territorial policlinic and receive complementary to psychological support the guaranteed volume of free medical care.

To increase population awareness and literacy implementation of the "Protection of reproductive health, family planning, preparation for pregnancy and the birth of healthy children through consultation and training of population and health workers" project is underway in 2015.

"Measures are taken to implement the project on prevention of suicides in the Republic of Kazakhstan with assistance of United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF). According to statistical data, in 2014 192 cases of a suicide are registered among children aged from 9 of 18 years, in comparison with 2013 the decrease in 1,5 times is observed", - Svetlana Zhakupova emphasized.

MHSD jointly with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Internal Affairs implement the project on creation of the training module for health system and education to prevent suicides. At the first stage training module implementation is planned in Astana and Kyzylorda oblast, in the current year about 100 master trainers from these regions were trained in it. In general, throughout the republic the training module implementation will be completed in 2017.

The Vice Minister also informed that together with the Ministry of education and science of the RK the work on creation of optimum conditions for exercising the right for education of children with disabilities is continued.

To expand the coverage of children with disabilities by preschool education it is proposed to provide for all-round opening of correction groups at the preschool organizations, a well as opening of correction kindergartens and groups on the basis of public-private partnership. Availability of additional education for children with disabilities is provided within the framework of the integrated "Development of inclusive education".

In the regions work is conducted with the objective of stage-by-stage bringing up to 100% of the special education organizations providing with multimedia training tools, interactive boards, auxiliary compensatory training devices. It promotes socialization of children, improvement of their training quality. 

Within the framework of State program of education development in the RK for 2011-2020 the children with disabilities tutored at home were provided with the special equipment and computer equipment at the expense of the republican budget.

Besides, for the purpose of personal fulfillment and integration into society of persons with disabilities, try-out round of the creative festival "Kokiymdegy bar alem" ("All the world is in my soul") is underway in the regions. The final gala concert of this festival with awarding of the winners is planned to be arranged in November, 2015.

Let us remind, the National plan of measures aimed at the strengthening of family relations, moral-and-ethical and spiritual-and-moral values in the Republic of Kazakhstan was developed at the instruction of the Head of State sounded on September 19, 2014 at a ceremony of awarding the winners of the first national competition "Mereili Otbasy" ("Happy family").

In September, 2015, within the framework of development and implementation of the national civil identity strengthening project "Menyn Yelim" (My country) the work was carried out to actualize it according to the Plan of Nation "100 concrete steps". The national plan of measures aimed at the strengthening of family relations, moral-and-ethical and spiritual-and-moral values in the Republic of Kazakhstan was supplemented with new measures, such as social projects implementation in the field of reproductive health protection, introduction of proposals on creation of services to support the families being in hardship, implementation of the electronic passport of health, etc. new section "Nation of Common Future" consolidating the national idea "Mangilik Yel"  is is included.

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